The best eCommerce website builders for 2023


E-commerce websites are your very own virtual homes to invite your customers into! It is essential to choose a website builder that best suits your needs and provides a seamless and easy experience in maintaining.

With more than a dozen eCommerce website builders out there like Fynd, Wix, and Shopify it is a difficult job to find the one that caters to your requirements and offers all the features you are looking for.

What is an eCommerce website builder?

An eCommerce website builder is a software or online program that offers you all the features and tools in a single place that you need to build your own website or online store, e.g., Fynd Platform.

The interface charges a small monthly fee for the services it offers ranging from hosting, domain registration, payment gateways, SEO tools, and various other integrations.

Considering important aspects like drop shipping feature, overall usability, various plug-ins and integrations, multi-channel selling and payment gateways is essential for all users, especially if you are someone set out to build a website for the first time.

New and trending website builders like Fynd offer a suite of features that many other eCommerce website builders don’t. If you are considering opting for a service to build your own web store, stay with us!

We’ve done the work for you – scoured the eCommerce website building services out there and found the best ones. Here’s a list of the best eCommerce website builders just for you:

1. Fynd Platform – Best among all.

Fynd is your ultimate eCommerce website building solution! Fynd offers a complete suite of every feature that you would need for a great eCommerce website to run.

The Fynd Platform helps users build websites and mobile apps in less than 10 minutes. Designed to suit the needs of new and first timers, the eCommerce website builder offers an easy and quick developing experience. This eCommerce website builder provides great help guides and videos for a great website building experience.

With the view of outreaching a global audience and customers, Fyne offers multiple language support. An interactive community and forum to discuss, ideate, and innovate together.

A unique feature of Fynd is user and API Documentation for building eCommerce websites. This greatly helps in improving the website experience for users. Fynd offers an easy-to-use seller panel which is great for everyone even beginners!

Fynd offers a unique feature of development kits. A development kit allows you to create users their custom pages. Easy drag and drop, intuitive designs, and quick designing tools are at your disposal.

Ample of payments gateways to connect and a streamlined payment system is awaiting you at Fynd. For a user to stay on top of everything, Fynd has a great and systematic access management system on different tiers for larger businesses to function smoothly. This feature allows businesses to allow only certain levels of access to users aiding to stay on top of everything in your business.

The most notable and useful feature by Fynd is Machine Learning assistance which will help boost your sales and conversion tremendously. This feature arranges similar products together for an improved customer experience. The eCommerce website builder also generates catalogues for marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, Ajio, Myntra, Google etc.

With so many more features to offer like data tracking and insights, feedbacks, staff management systems and much more. Fynd also has an order management system to help users manager their orders and stay on top of everything.

Fynd offers three affordable plans to choose from along with an option for customised plans for large enterprises. These monthly plans are super affordable and truly worth the investment.

Plans by Fynd:

Standard: Rs. 599.

Professional: Rs. 1499.

Premium: Rs. 2499.

With affordability, tons of features and a 24/7 customer support, Fynd definitely is our most favourite eCommerce website builder. Fynd has a solution for every business need, big or small! Not only that but it also does come with a ton of features to solve and meet the need of every online business store owner.

2. Shopify – The popular kid in the class.

No doubt you have heard about this one! Shopify is among the most popular eCommerce website builders. It is one of the oldest and trusted by businesses too.

The eCommerce website builder has a super easy drag and drop interface making it easy for beginners and first timers. It offers a simple website building experience. A significant feature of Shopify being its very own payments gateway. This lets you start selling right away!

With tons of paid and free themes, you can customise your website to suit your needs. Shopify also has its very own app store to let users download plenty of useful plug-ins and integrations – everything ranging from different payment gateways to multi-channel selling options. It is also to be noted though it offers a great deal of variety in integrations, Shopify does also incur additional costs for them. This can be a deal of concern for businesses with a small budget.

Some businesses also commented that even though Shopify has easy drag and drop features it is a lot more difficult to navigate then it looks. It also happens to be one of the not-so-cheap eCommerce website builders available.

Shopify comes with three pricing plans and sadly there’s no free plans in it. That being said, Shopify does offer features worth the pricing and has a customer base of over 1 million actively using customers worldwide.

Pricing plans at a glance:

  • Shopify Basic: $29 per month.
  • Shopify: $79 per month.
  • Shopify Advanced: $299 per month.

It is great in terms of overall features, growth and value for money that you invest. If you are a complex inventory-oriented business with a flexible budget then Shopify is your best pick!

3. Wix – All about aesthetics.

Wix is another renowned name in the eCommerce website building field. It has gained a recent popularity due to its sleek easy-to-use interface and large bank of templates and themes to chose from.

A huge chunk of Wix’s popularity is owed to its templates and intuitive designs. The website builder also has an artificial intelligence feature called Wix ADI Builder that builds a website for you within minutes after answering a few questions.

Wix is the perfect solution for people setting out to design a store for the very first time. Not just is it easy but also comes with tons of useful features and tools that an online store will need.

A Wix plan comes with great benefits like an unlimited bandwidth, free web domain for a year, unlimited product listings and a stunning $300 voucher for digital ads. A big notable thing about Wix is the 100% commission free online payments that Wix brings to your digital front. You get to keep all of the revenue you generate, isn’t that great?

The Wix dashboard is a quick handy feature to monitor all your orders, payments, inventories and conversions. The Wix App Market has more than 250 apps to choose from and integrate in your online store.

What’s more? Wix has everything you need and are looking for. It comes with a custom $500 plan for every month wherein you can add custom features to your choice. The website builder also has a free plan great for portfolios and awareness. Though it does not have a feature to accept online payments.

Pricing plans by Wix:

Business Basic: $27 per month.

Business Unlimited: $32 per month.

Business VIP: $59 per month.

Overall, Wix comes with a great suite of services but can on the little pricier end of options if you are someone on a budget looking to build an eCommerce website.

4. Squarespace – Best for artists.

Squarespace is well-known for its beautiful and aesthetic templates. It is a great option for businesses who what showcase sell creative and unique products.

A great thing about squarespace is its usability both for experts who want to design on their own or beginners working with templates of their choice. Every page of this website builder is easy to make with drag and drop features.

The Squarespace mobile app lets you manage and edit your website on the go. No matter what kind of products and services you are selling, Squarespace has an award-winning template gallery for you to choose form.

One drawback faced by users is the lack of easy plug-ins and third-party app installations. Squarespace will require a code in order to let these additions function which can be a problematic thing to do for first timers.

Squarespace offers amazing marketing and selling tools for social media. This is a feature that sets it apart from other eCommerce website builders. It also offers some great features on its advanced plan.  With this plan you can sell memberships and subscriptions along with offering premium opportunities for the online booking tool.

It is great for businesses wanting to create a strong brand awareness and presence through a website and social media. The eCommerce website builder offers four lucrative plans for every month. A yearly subscription saves you 30%.

Plans by Squarespace:

Personal: $23

Business: $33

Basic Commerce: $36

Advanced Commerce: $65

Get going and a build an aesthetic website front today with Squarespace!

5. Zyro – Ideal for in-depth analysis.

Zyro is a relatively new builder to the eCommerce website building arena. It is well-known for its simple user-friendly interface and great prices. The good news is that you can create a website within 1 hour and get it on the web! Isn’t that great?

Zyro offers an insightful suite of analytics and consumer tracking reports to help you truly understand market behaviour and keep improving. Data-driven improvements are a powerful way to grow in the competitive eCommerce industry.

The website builder offers 24 templates designed by professionals to make the make website building process easier. While it might sound a little less on the options, Zyro offers better features in other aspects.

It offers easy integrations with useful tools like Google Analytics, Tag Manger, Facebook ads and much more. Google and Facebook being big collectors of first-hand consumer data, you can easily understand current market trends and behaviours.  Zyro offers in-depth analytics at a truly minimal cost.

While it is east to build and run a site, adding the product and inventory listings might take you much longer than you’d expect. Zyro does also offer a lucrative inventory and order management feature built right in!

Zyro has a hassle-free payment acceptance feature from multiple portals which makes for super easy implementation. This eCommerce website builder comes with two competitive plans and it might be a little tricky for you to choose the right plan as you begin.

Pricing plans by Zyro:

Website plan: Rs. 150 per month.

Business: Rs. 300 per month.

Every Zyro plan comes with a free hosting and you can easily switch between plans and upgrade them whenever you want! Overall, Zyro is great for small to medium businesses looking for affordability and in-depth consumer analysis.

6. Bigcommerce – Great for B2B selling.

Bigcommerce boasts of some big names (no pun intended) in the industry like Clarks. Bigcommerce brings to the table features like a bountiful of tools, wide range of options for multi-channel selling and most importantly the feature of being able to accept international payments.

Bigcommerce has all the features built-in with its themes to help you make your online success story real. A major concern with Bigcommerce is its lack of ease in usability. Coming with too much technical-jargon, it can be a difficult recipe for first timers and beginners set out to build a website.

Moreover, its users also reported finding the interface difficult to navigate and understand. It lacks the user friendliness one might look out for but if your are someone confident and comfortable with the jargon then Bigcommerce is the one for you!

Another feature that sets apart this eCommerce website builder is its single-page checkout process for your customers. This helps boost conversions tremendously. Bigcommerce lets you choose your payment gateway which helps minimize the transaction costs.

This eCommerce website builder has a unique of having revenue limits on all its plan. The most primary plan has a revenue limit of $50,000 in annual revenue. This is good for businesses newly venturing in the eCommerce but as you grow this might turn to a barrier.

Its every plan has essential features like discount offers, reviews and ratings for products, a blog and the best part is it has unlimited product uploads in every plan. You don’t have to worry about addition as many products as you want.

Bigcommerce offers a robust 24/7 support and personalised site audits. The builder also comes with a dynamic community forum for great discussions and insights.

A recent in Bigcommerce added convenience to the users. Instead of set pricing plans, the eCommerce website builder now offers custom prices to every user suiting their needs. You will have to visit their website and submit a pricing quote request. This makes it easier to features as per your requirements on a small cost.

Take up a 15-day trial of Bigcommerce today! Bigcommerce is a great option for B2B and multi-channel selling. Though it is also to be noted that Bigcommerce is one of the expensive options among other eCommerce website builders.


Going through all these it is easy to gauge that every eCommerce website builder offers most of the basic features that you are looking for. Great research and clarity on your specific needs is a way to reach the right platform for you.

Considering all these eCommerce website builders among many others found in the market too, Fynd Platform is an overall amazing option to go with in terms of affordability, features like payment options, drop shipping, and usability.

In spite of being a relatively new one, it still offers a lot of strong features and an entire suite of integrations and plug-ins. It is ideal and suited to all types of businesses old or new and has a fantastic 24/7 customer support to assist you.

We hope that this comprehensive overview of some of the best eCommerce website builders like Fynd helped you out in picking the right one for you.


1. Which is the best eCommerce website builder?

Ans.: The best eCommerce website building platform that you will find out there is Fynd.

2. Which is the most affordable website building interface?

Ans.: Fynd Platform is the most affordable website builder. It has pricing plans as follows:

Standard: Rs. 599.

Professional: Rs. 1499.

Premium: Rs. 2499.

3. What is a good alternative to Shopify?

Ans.: Wix is a good alternative to Shopify but Fynd is even better. Fynd offers a suite of features at a more affordable pricing than Wix.

4. What are some important features provided by Fynd?

Ans.: Fynd offers the following suite of features:

  1. Drop shipping
  2. API documentation
  3. Machine Learning assistance
  4. Easy drag and drop editor
  5. Affordable pricing
  6. Staff Management System
  7. Order Management System
  8. Feedback mechanisms
  9. QR
  10. Data Analytics
  11. Catalogue generation and marketing tools
  12. Multiple payment systems
  13. Development kits
  14. Seller panel

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