Must-Have Collections in Your Bridal Set

What is a bridal set? It’s a combination of an engagement ring and a wedding ring meant for the bride. Bridal sets were designed because women prefer wearing their engagement ring on top of their wedding ring band. The set is defined to look beautiful and feel comfortable when worn. So, should you buy a bridal set? Or would you rather purchase an engagement ring and worry about the band later? You’ll always come across bridal sets when browsing through diamond rings, because it happens to anyone planning to pop the big question. Here are the reasons why you should consider a bridal set over buying the rings separately:
  • It saves you the time of having to separately shop for two rings.
  • The two rings in the bridal set are designed to fit perfectly when worn together.
  • You save money because bridal sets are cheaper, compared to separately buying an engagement ring and a matching band.
  • You don’t have to worry about conflicting metals when shopping for bridal sets. That’s considering that platinum can easily damage and scratch a softer metal like yellow gold when worn together.
There are various types of bridal set designs to choose from. You only need to find out from your partner the type of engagement ring that they’d like. The magic about bridal sets is that every item in the collection is designed to complement the engagement ring.

Must-Have Items in Your Bridal Set

When it comes to a bridal sets, the choice comes down to the type of engagement ring you’ll prefer. It also depends on whether the matching band will naturally look great with the engagement ring. So what are the must-have collections in your bridal set? Let’s get to the discussion.

Engagement Ring

The act of receiving and wearing an engagement ring is quite widespread throughout the globe. But one question always arises. What constitutes an engagement ring? That’s because lack of specifications only means that any ring can be considered an engagement ring. Engagement rings differ from ordinary and other special-occasion of rings. You must, however, note that the genre is open for a lot of interpretations to provide a doable option for all budgets, tastes, and styles. The main part of your proposal is selecting the engagement ring. There are many designs for proposal rings but the most common is the solitaire engagement ring. You can never go wrong with it since it’s elegant and timeless. The second most popular choice is the Halo and Double Halo settings.
  1. The Cultural Aspect of Engagement Rings
We must point out that different cultures have different opinions and traditions when it comes to what an engagement ring is. In western cultures, an engagement ring is made of gold or platinum. A diamond is also given to the woman when she agrees to get married. In other cultures, however, both men and women wear an engagement ring. This is after they both agree to get engaged to one another.
  1. The Religious Aspect of Engagement Rings
Engagement rings originated from religion. However, a lot of people today wear engagement rings due to traditional reasons and not because of religious affiliations. Nevertheless, some religions demand that engagement rings meet certain standards. One of the demands can be that the solitaire ring be worth a certain amount as a show of the man’s loyalty to the woman. Another demand can be that the ring be modest and not flamboyant. That’s because such religions look down upon earthly possessions. Whatever the case, such religious specifications impact what an engagement ring is. They define what the ring looks like from a significant diamond ring to a delicate diamond studded band.
  1. The Social Aspect of an Engagement Ring
We can’t deny the fact that society pressures men and women to buy and receive the largest and most brilliant engagement ring. At least, that’s what is advertised and it’s what is seen on television. It’s also what most women ultimately long for. There are a lot of proposal ring alternatives that are popular. However, not having a diamond engagement ring or a substitute gives one the status of being different. It steers them from tradition for one reason or the other. It is almost sacrilegious to get a ring with anything other than a diamond on it.
  1. A Personal Touch
This aspect of what constitutes a proposal ring is probably the most important one today. Despite our loyalty to tradition, a lot of people prefer doing things their own way. Diamonds may still be the most popular choice of stone for engagement rings. But, they aren’t the only ones. Some people intentionally avoid incorporating diamonds in their engagement rings so as not to conform to commercialized trends. Others choose to spend their money on affordable gemstones. There are also those who only want something that feels comfortable and looks good on them. A simple woman, for instance, may not want a glitzy solitaire wedding ring. A dark-skinned people may feel that they look better with a rich and sultry stone such as sapphire due to her complexion. Whatever your reason, an engagement ring will look the way you want it to.

Women’s Wedding Ring

Marriage demands the exchange of rings denoting the exchange of love, a tradition that has existed for decades. Usually, a woman is graced with two rings on her figure. There’s the engagement ring and a wedding band or ring. A wedding ring is given to her on the day of the marriage to cement their bond in an everlasting love. A wedding ring has a profile and it’s less intricate compared to an engagement ring. It features a plain band of platinum or gold. These gemstones are usually preferred by those who have an intricately designed flashy proposal ring. But wedding rings are also available in lab grown diamonds or other precious gemstones. A wedding ring is considered the ultimate symbol of love and commitment worn alongside an engagement ring. Wedding and engagement rings are available today as bridal sets. This is a good option for those who want to wear a wedding ring that’s in perfect harmony with their engagement ring. It saves you time and money since you won’t need to hop from one place to another looking for a matching wedding ring.


To wrap this up, a woman’s engagement ring and their wedding band worn together is the most traditional meaning of a bridal set. As brides embrace modernity, there are beginning to be variations. Double band engagement rings mean that there are at least three bands when you include a wedding ring. Some brides are stacked to two wedding bands on either side of the engagement ring. This makes for a more symmetrical stacked look. Also, there are brides that would only prefer an engagement ring or just the wedding ring. The fact is that no piece of jewelry can make you and your partner any less or more married. That’s the role of a marriage certificate. You may live for some nice bling or glitter jewelry. Whatever the case, you have complete control over what you decide will be a symbol of your commitment to each other.

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