5 Effective Cybersecurity Tips for Businesses

cybersecurity tips

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Cybercrime is a growing threat that you can’t ignore. Reports show that cybercrime increased by 102% in 2021 alone. If you don’t secure your company against threats, you’re putting everything at risk.

Are you looking for cybersecurity tips that will help you secure your company? Put the small business cybersecurity tips below into place today to protect your company against several types of cyber threats.

1. Use Two-Factor Authentication Where Possible

Passwords aren’t always enough to protect your online accounts. Even if you do everything right when creating your password policy and enforcing it, hackers can still steal those passwords and breach your network.

You make that harder to do when you use two-factor authentication. Instead of automatically logging in after you enter your password, you get a secondary code on another account or device. Without this code, someone with a company password can’t access the account.

2. Use a Hardware Firewall

Software firewalls can offer good protection for individual workstations. But when it comes to a corporate network, they don’t do a good enough job.

A firewall helps by monitoring all internet traffic on your network. It has a threat database that can detect and stop malicious traffic before it causes more severe problems. Set one up on your network to protect all devices on your company network.

3. Implement VPNs for Remote Workers

Remote work has offered a lot of benefits for employees. They can work from anywhere in the world, avoid time stuck in traffic, and stay comfortable at home. However, it does present more risk for companies that offer the perk.

You can’t control the WiFi access points for people who aren’t at home. If a malicious actor can see what your people do on those networks, it will expose your company to risk. Setup VPN services to encrypt the internet traffic of remote workers and protect your data.

4. Perform Data Backups

Safeguarding your data is one of the essential parts of a small business cybersecurity strategy. But that doesn’t only mean protecting it from hackers. It also means avoiding data loss.

Unfortunately, you never know when accidents will happen that cause you to lose data. Set regular backups to safeguard your critical information.

5. Use Security Audits

The best security setups aren’t always foolproof. It’s not uncommon to make simple mistakes, even if you’re an expert. That’s all it takes to suffer from a security breach.

You can avoid those problems by working with an external auditor to verify your security procedures. Reach out to a company like the one at this location to get help finding security issues.

Don’t Wait to Use These Cybersecurity Tips

Every device you connect to the internet without protection presents a security risk for your business. And with how often cybercrime occurs today, you can’t afford to leave those devices unprotected.

If you want to take preventing cyber attacks seriously, you must do everything possible to secure your network against attacks. Utilize the cybersecurity tips above into place today to start the process.

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