7 Common Coin Collector Errors and How to Avoid Them


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Did you know that coin collecting is a popular business venture and hobby for nearly 40% of Americans? Tons of adults have an interest in starting a coin collection.

However, many people need to gain the right experience. Therefore, it is necessary to know the common coin collector errors to ensure that you compare coin prices and make a small fortune the right way.

Here is everything you need to know about types of coins and how to avoid mistakes.

Why Collect Coins?

Coin collecting is an exciting hobby that can last a lifetime. This is because you will always find new types of coins to collect. There are endless possibilities.

Even though there may not be a coin shop on every corner like back in the 1950s, people are still starting a coin collection because it is an excellent investment.

You also have a wide variety of ways to collect and obtain coins. Many Hollywood celebrities are famous coin collectors because it is a great way to make money.

With coin collection, you can diversify your investment portfolio. It is fun to scope out rare silver and gold coins that you can also buy from a reputable coin dealer. Check out these navy challenge coins to take your collection to the next level.

If you are buying coins to make a profit, you need to familiarize yourself with the rare coin market. This is where you can experience the fluctuations in supply and demand that dramatically affect prices.

Always do some research online before buying and investing in a coin. Then it would help if you also grabbed some good coin cleaning supplies to ensure that your investment stays in its best shape for trading.

Common Coin Collector Errors

The first common coin-collecting mistake that most people make is that they become too impulsive when it comes to buying coins. Remember that coin collecting needs a lot of effort.

It would help if you spent some time and energy learning the specifics of the hobby. This applies to any pursuit. If you are enthusiastic about something, you need the knowledge to be successful.

This is essential because how would you be able to tell a coin’s authenticity without the proper knowledge? You may end up paying the wrong amount for a coin’s rarity.

Ask a lot of questions before investing in any coins. When you know little about the types of coins, you can become impulsive and make a buying decision you will regret.

1. Not Enough Research

Many people need a sufficient understanding of numismatics. This is the study of coins and collecting them. It would help if you went out of your way to research before investing.

Then you can grow your investment the right way. You need to consider coins in terms of average buying prices and the most popular types of coins.

Why are these popular coins in such high demand? What makes them so unique? After thinking about these questions, look up industry-specific blogs to learn about global private and sovereign mints.

2. Baseless Tips

Would you immediately invest your entire life’s savings into an asset someone says can make you millions of dollars in no time? Most people hold onto their wealth and only invest in things they are confident about.

You would not invest in any stocks and bonds that you do not have any knowledge about. The same rule applies to trading coins. Unless you have a best friend, who is also the world’s best numismatist, you should avoid baseless suggestions that can cost you a lot of money.

There is no way of accurately predicting supply and demand, especially if you are thinking about the future.

3. Coin Dealers

Many dealers claim to hold rare coins that can make you money. It would help if you were always careful about who you buy coins from. Everyone can promise to give you the best deal, but many may only be looking out for their own profits.

Remember that most infomercials come with marketing and advertising costs that can go over the price of the company’s products. Therefore, always watch out for dealers, especially on TV. There is no assurance that they may be authentically graded.

4. Bad Investments

Since there is a growing interest in precious metals, you need to learn the type of detail to look for in collectible coins. For instance, when people hear the words low or extremely low mintage, they may not realize what it means.

Remember that mintage is the total quantity of a particular coin produced by the mint. So, words like low and extremely low mintage do not necessarily mean that the coin you have your eyes on is rare and valuable.

5. Dealing With Self-Slabbers

Remember that coins found in slabs do not automatically mean that they are pristine, rare, and authentic. Even though it is tempting to buy coins from eBay or Etsy, you should be careful to avoid wasting your money.

Always look for coins that come from professional certification services. Otherwise, you may get ripped off by a teenager online who is chuckling at your expense.

6. Being Negligent

Many people who invest in coins need to clean and maintain them correctly. This can work against you because a rare coin can only stay valuable if you have the right coin cleaning supplies.

After all, why would a customer pay you a lot for your rare coins if they look like they have been through abrasive and harsh chemicals? It is not necessary to bring back a coin’s original luster.

For instance, if you polish silver coins too much, they can lose their sheen each time you use the solution. This can diminish the quality of your collectible coins.

If a 19th-century coin looks damaged or old, investors love that allure. You should also avoid using your hands to handle coins.

Remember that human skin has natural oils. This can cause slight damage. Always wear gloves to keep your skin’s oils away from a coin’s surface.

7. Bad Timing

Like any investment, you need to buy or sell at the right time. Too many people get excited and jump on a sale. Remember to do your research and find the best dealer at the right time to make the most money.

Collect Coins Safely Today

Now that you know all about common coin collector errors, it is time to research while keeping your collection in tip-top shape. Remember that there is no perfect guideline to follow.

Some mistakes can happen, but they will make you wiser when you expand your collection. If you enjoyed reading this guide, check out some of our other posts.

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