How to Save Money on Transport in Canada

Canada is a vast and beautiful country, but traveling through its provinces and cities can be expensive. So, if you want to save money on transportation, this article has some suggestions for you. We’ll look at potential ways you can cut costs on travels, like cheapest Canada cars for rent options, public transit & carpooling. Continue reading for some helpful tips on how to save money when you visit the Great White North.

Car Renting

Typically this is the most convenient choice. In addition to being more practical than using public transportation, it’s less expensive. Here are some suggestions & tips that will help you smoothen your renting experience as well as cutting the costs on your rental car: Get Familiar with the rules you need to know what documents are required to rent in Canada such as your international Driver’s License & ID. Also, you need to be familiar with Canada rental car age which is 21, to avoid facing any hiccups along your travels. If you’re under 21 and looking for where you can get a car to rent in Canada, the age to rent a vehicle in Canada provinces Saskatchewan and Quebec is 18 but that only applies within the borders of both these provinces so if you’re between 18 and 21 and renting in Canada make sure to stay within the borders to avoid facing legal issues. Choosing a smaller vehicle will be cheaper to rent and will use less fuel. Also, you should rent a car in advance, by doing so you’ll be sure to get the car you want ready for you to pick up the moment you land in Canada at its best price. Last but not least you don’t forget to browse for discounts, numerous businesses provide discounts and promos to AAA members, senior citizens, students, and that’s how you can get the convenience of renting your own vehicle in Canada without breaking the bank.

Public Transit

Using public transportation is one of many ways to reduce the cost of transportation in Canada. If you live in a big city, public transportation can be an affordable and practical option for getting around. Some of the recommendations for reducing transportation costs include purchasing a monthly or annual pass. If you frequently use public transportation, by doing so it might be more cost-effective. You can ride as frequently as you’d like in this manner without having to pay per trip. Also, you can ask about discounts on monthly passes for public transportation. For low-income people, students, and seniors there might also be some available.


In Canada, cycling is a fantastic way to reduce your transportation costs. If you’ll stay in a city with good cycling infrastructure, it can be a great way to get around and is less expensive than using public transportation. The environment and your health both benefit from cycling. There are a few things to think about if you’re thinking about taking up cycling. You must first spend money on a high-quality bicycle. Even though this can be pricey, investing in a quality bike now will pay off in the long run. You should also make sure you have the proper cycling gear, including a helmet, lights, and reflectors, as well as the right clothing for the season. Once you have everything you need, you can start researching the best cycling routes in your city. Make sure you check these 7 tips for new cyclists, it will help you alot.


Carpooling is frequently disregarded as a way to cut costs on transportation in Canada, but it can be a very effective strategy. You can split the cost of gas and parking when you take a group ride. Join online forums and websites, find the right group of people to rideshare with, and establish ground rules like how often you’ll carpool, which days and times are best, and how you’ll handle gas money and parking fees. It will be easier to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that the carpool arrangement is mutually beneficial if communication is open and honest from the beginning.


And lastly, the ultimate money saver is walking if you live in a strategic area near to where you need to get to most of the time. Walking is a fantastic way to reduce your transportation costs. Walking is a fantastic option for people who want to get fitter because it has many other health advantages. Additionally, walking can help reduce carbon emissions because it is a sustainable form of transportation. Walking is also a fantastic way to experience the local environment and culture because it allows one to fully appreciate their surroundings.


There are many ways to cut costs on transportation in Canada, and the strategies listed above are excellent ones. If you are of legal car rental age Canada, renting a car would be the most practical option, if not public transportation, walking and carpooling also are great alternatives but they’re a bit more daunting but will surely help you save money.

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