How to Rent a Car In Advance to Visit Canada?

While planning a trip to Canada, travelers book tickets and hotels in advance. But, people forget about cars for rent and leave car hiring at the last second. Even though rental cars are important for good journeys, only few travelers hire cars in advance. Perhaps, travelers underestimate the importance of car rental. Or travelers are afraid to hire vehicles in advance. Or tourists don’t know how to rent cars in advance. There can be any reason for this fact. But if the last reason is your case, this article will help. In this article, you`ll find a step-by-step guide on how to rent a car in advance. Of course, with an explanation of each step. Furthermore, our team added some FAQs and answers to these questions. So read the article till the end.

An easy step-by-step guide on how to hire a vehicle in advance

To provide the best explanation, as an example of how booking works, our team will show how to get Enterprise car rental Edmonton in advance.
  1. ‌First of all, click on the link above and open the page in the browser.
  2. ‌Write the date of the car rental in the search form at the top of the page. Enter the date considering the date of your arrival. You’ll need to pick up a car on the day you choose. If you didn’t manage to pick up the car in time, your booking would expire. So enter the date wisely.
  3. ‌Enter the date of returning a car in the search form on the right. In this form, enter the date you`re planning to end your vacation. On the day you`ll choose, return the car to the place where you picked it up. Yet, if you decide to stay a bit longer, go to the office where you got the car. Only in offices can travelers prolong the rental.
  4. ‌Enter your age below. This form is important as each rental company has its minimum age to rent a car. To get Enterprise car rentals, travelers need to be at least 21. If you`re over 25, then there’s no reason to worry. But, if you`re below 25, read rental companies’ rules attentively.
  5. After entering pick-up and drop-off dates, the computer will count the terms of your rental. It`ll show the number between dates. You can’t change it. So if the number is wrong, check whether entered information is correct.
  6. In the form to the right of the age form, choose your country of residence. It`ll show the country from which users enter the browser. So, if you use VPN, turn it off to make the service work.
  7. Click on a search to see Canadian car rental offers.
  8. Use a filter that`s on the left side of the page to find a car that suits your needs. There’s a huge list of filters. From the list of suppliers, we choose Enterprise to rent a car from this company. Then the list will change, and users will see only offers from chosen suppliers.
  9. ‌Choose a car model and book it in a few clicks.
  10. ‌Most car rental agencies ask for printed booking forms before picking up. Print the form.
  11. ‌After arrival, find the car rental office at the address of the agency where you booked the car and pick the car up at this agency, signing all necessary papers.
  12. ‌Drop off your rental car at the same office car park after completing your journey.


How to lease a vehicle from Enterprise in Edmonton Air terminal?

Enter the important pickup area and return area in the pursuit structure and select the expected date and season of your rental. After you get the list of items, you’ll actually want to channel them in light of your favored merchant.

Where to track down Enterprise office rental work areas in Edmonton Air terminal YEG?

Enterprise vehicle rental work area can be situated near the Edmonton Air terminal. You can track down specific areas by exploring the air terminal guide.

Could I at any point pay for my Venture lease a vehicle reservation with a debit card in Edmonton Air terminal?

You can utilize a debit card to pay for internet-based reservations. But, during your vehicle pickup, you`ll require a credit card for the sake of the fundamental driver to cover the vehicle rental store.

Will another person, with my permission, drive my rental vehicle?

This will be conceivable if you select the extra driver choice during your web-based reservation. More often than not, this is a paid choice that is charged at the vehicle rental work area. If you have other questions about Canadian car rental in advance, check If you still have questions, connect with our customer support service.


As you can see, renting a car in advance is actually not a very hard task. Every traveler who actually wants or needs to book a rental car can hire a vehicle in advance. So, in case you’re planning your next vacation right now, why don`t you visit and try to book a rental car?

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