Vacation in Glasgow – What You Should Do and What You Shouldn’t Do 

Glasgow is not a city everyone knows a lot about. There are people who have no idea where it is and what one can do there. Are you among these people? Glasgow is located along the banks of Clyde river, and the city is an independent council area, a part of the historic Lanarkshire. The city is developed in terms of education, many young people come to study in Glasgow. The economic sector of Glasgow is well developed too and keeps developing further. The city is well-known for traditional heavy engineering, aerospace technologies, software engineering, low-carbon innovations, and more.

Starting the Glasgow trip

Most trips start from landing at the airport. After a traveler lands at the airport, and in our case it is a Glasgow airport, he/she has a plan. The plan usually includes information on what to do next and where to go. After a plane trip, one wants to put the luggage somewhere and have a bit of rest. The advice would be to check out the information about Sixt at Glasgow Airport and pick a rental car. Trips are always more comfortable and enjoyable, when a traveler has his/her own vehicle. The next point on a traveler’s plan is to start exploring the city, which is the most interesting part.

What to do in Glasgow

Once a traveler found some great deals of Glasgow airport hire and had some rest after a trip, it is time for something more interesting. Since Glasgow has a lot to offer for tourists, it would be helpful to have a list of things to see and explore in the city. All travelers are welcome to check out information here, as one can find plenty of good advice for himself/herself.
  • Rent a bike for a more active time exploring Glasgow, and be ready to walk a lot, as the city is very walkable!
  • Go on the City Sightseeing bus that offers a great city tour, showing the main attractions of the city.
  • Glasgow Central Station is not just a regular station, it is an amazing place packed with interesting history facts.
  • People who traveled to Glasgow recommend visiting St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art, it is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The entrance is free.
  • For a breathtaking city view one should visit the tower of the Lighthouse, that is also in the city center. It is free too, but climbing up the stairs is not easy.

What not to do in Glasgow

After a traveler found cars for hire UK, it is important to know what not to do in the city, not to waste time or be disappointed. A few of the general advice on what not to do are:
  • Do not try local wine.
  • Do not take a taxi from the airport, it is better to look for Sixt car hire.
  • Do not plan much on Mondays, most locations will be closed.


It is definitely easier to make up a list of what to do in Glasgow, than what not to do there. The city is a treasure for travelers. So many great locations to see and numerous attractions. The city has an interesting history one can explore. Many great locations can be attended with a rented car.

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