Why Organizations Should Consider Address Verification System


The advantages of address verification allows you to prevent typo and formatting issues. It improves customer experience and brand reputation.

address verification

As personal information is essential, address verification is also important in the same way. Any company needs to have accurate, latest, and valid end-user information. The business essentially needs to have the precise location stored in their information database in order to deliver mails or deliver packages to their intended recipient on time. Undeliverable mail and packages can result in lost sales opportunities, offended consumers decrease client loyalty and unnecessary expenses. Each one of them might be harmful to a business. A single piece of mail being returned might not seem like a huge concern, but receiving a lot of bounced mail could damage your brand reputation. Therefore, address verification is urgently needed.

What is Address Verification?

the main goal of a business owner is to make sure that the service or product is delivered to its targeted location. verification or authenticity is useful in this situation. An exact mailing list can be maintain with this, so you won’t have to worry about undeliverable mail and its related issues. The validator collects, filters, and validate address of a customer. it makes sure about the addresses are correct and exact.

Here are types of address verification that are generally use;

  • Drop-Down Verification: In every 6 out of 10 US online e-commerce businesses use this method; the drop-down menu lets users select the city, state, and country from which they want to verify their address. 
  • Type-ahead Verification: In this user enter their address and gets accurate suggestions and save time.
  • Post-entry Verification: Users manually enter their address and suggestions displayed in a pop-up and a user selects.

Advantages of the Address Verification

The advantages of address verification cannot be misjudge. Let’s have a quick glance at why should a company consider an address verification system;

Increase Satisfaction level of Customer

One of the most frequent complaints from eCommerce customers is receiving an incorrect shipment. Other common complaints include delayed deliveries and undelivered items. The most frequent convicted person in many of these situations is an address typo. It might be possible that a parcel can deliver to any other state, with just a simple address mistake. 

All these activities are not good for customers and lead them to avoid your business, effects on brand reputation. 

You can avoid such situations by verifying address using an address verification system. By this, you will be assure about your mails and packages.

Effective Marketing Results

Address lists are primarily use for marketing purposes by businesses. A mailing list with an accurate target audience allows you to reach a greater number of potential customers. As a result, you can accurately gauge the effectiveness of the marketing plan since you know that the mails are deliver to the intended recipients. 

Many times, the marketing strategy and resources are appropriate, however, the emails aren’t reaching the right people. If a business believes that the current promotional strategies are unsuccessful, it might invest money, although foolishly, in a different strategy.

Quicker Delivery

Delivery issues are cause most commonly by typos in the address, as previously mentioned. A recipient with formatting errors is more likely to have difficulty being located by the USPS or courier service, thus delaying delivery. Packages or mail will be deliver at the mentioned time if the address of delivery is accurate.

Avoid Crucial Time Lost

Parcels or mails that do not deliver due to any reason, will cost you more time. As your team deals with return mail, they are distract from more important tasks. The package must be re-sent after you determine why it was not deliver. All these challenges can be fix with address verification.

Make Sure of the Latest Address List

Maintaining an updated mailing list is crucial to guaranteeing that your clients receive parcels and services on time. Updating the address list manually is possible but it is not good practice as it takes much time. 

Software for address verification makes the process simpler. It can remove incorrect and invalid addresses from your mailing list using its extensive database, and you can run it on daily basis to keep your mailing list up to date.

Concluding Remarks

For any business strategies and objectives, it’s critical to have faith in their data. Currently, 97% of businesses utilize data to fuel business prospects, and a similar percentage view it as a crucial resource for improving customer service and boosting profits. Address verification enables businesses to cut expenses, stop unnecessary outbound mailings, and avoid ineffective marketing campaigns to increase customer experience.

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