Ways Our Chiropractor Can Help with Joint Pain


Joint pain can impact the quality of your life and make it difficult to move freely. The lingering pain will make it hard to focus on daily activities, and you will start losing interest in everything when it is chronic and interferes with your movements. However, you can address your joint pain and improve inflammation and mobility with a chiropractor near Plano TX. Our skilled healthcare professionals will consider adjustments, exercises, and therapies, depending on your unique condition.

You can experience joint pain in any part of your body, including your shoulder, hip, ankles, feet, and hand. The inflammation and stiffness can impact your mobility and cause discomfort and pain. Visit our chiropractors and enhance your mobility.

Can Chiropractors Treat Joint Pain?

Our Plano chiropractor can treat your joint pain effectively, and you can feel better without relying on conventional painkillers and medications. According to a 2012 report, specific chiropractic treatments can improve osteoarthritic symptoms and manage pain. Another recent study report reveals that chiropractic treatments can manage temporomandibular joint pain effectively.

How Chiropractors Treat Joint Pain

A chiropractor in Plano TX will plan the treatment based on the affected area and severity of the conditions. There are a wide range of chiropractic treatments for joint pain. All are effective for particular issues. Here are the treatments a chiropractor might consider for your joint pain. 

Chiropractic Adjustments 

Chiropractic adjustments are effective for most bone and joint issues. A chiropractor will adjust your joints to balance your body in line, and there will not be much pressure on any specific part. You will see improvement in your pain and mobility once there is a proper balance in your body.

Massage Therapy 

Massage is an effective and common chiropractic treatment. Our chiropractors will massage the affected joint to improve blood flow and promote healing. Massage will also help manage the pain, and you will notice an improvement in your mobility.  In brief, massage will improve blood flow and heal your joints. 

Trigger Point Therapy 

It is another chiropractic technique to improve joint pain. During this treatment, your chiropractor will find specific trigger points in your body and put pressure on those points. It is noteworthy that some trigger points can cause pain and mobility issues. A chiropractor can identify those points and improve your condition fast.

Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization is an effective chiropractic treatment where experienced professionals use gentle movements to improve pain. The objective is to stretch and loosen your joints and reduce inflammation and pain significantly.


In addition to all these techniques, your chiropractor can use gear to treat your joint pain. The professional will suggest you have orthotics to improve your pain. Orthotics will support you with a correct sitting and standing position to put less pressure on your affected joints. Gradually, you will notice improvements in your pain and mobility. 

Our chiropractors will focus on natural ways to address your pain and mobility. However, they might require you to make lifestyle and dietary changes to see visible improvements. Visit our experienced Plano chiropractor, share your concerns, get proper treatment, and feel better!

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