What Are the 4 Stages of Dental Disease?


Dental disease is common in all age groups, but the impact will be less with early attention. Mild pain can lead to tooth decay without timely treatment.  When you notice discomfort, bleeding, and gum pain, visit a dentist in OKC without further delay. An experienced dentist in NW OKC will examine and treat your gum, and you can recover fast.  There are four stages of the dental disease. The treatment will be more expensive, complex, and time-consuming if you visit a dental clinic in the third or fourth stage. Hence, consider taking appointments regularly and treating early symptoms. It will improve your chewing ability and oral health, and you can smile confidently. Here are the four stages of the disease you can go through to avoid complications. 

First Stage: Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the first stage when you will notice gum inflammation. However, there will be no bone loss and severe pain. Most experience this condition with poor oral hygiene, but you can improve without treatment. Focus on oral hygiene when you have minor gum inflammation and swelling, and add calcium-rich food to your diet. You will notice fast improvement. Remember, gingivitis resolves without dentists in most conditions, and only ten to fifteen cases move to the next stage. 

Second Stage: Early Periodontitis

The second stage is early periodontitis. You can have it when the gingivitis progresses to your periodontal structures. This condition will cause initial bone loss and needs the attention of dentists in Oklahoma City. Visit a dentist with the first symptoms, as any delay can cause significant bone loss.  The bacteria will cause irreparable damage when not treated quickly. Once you visit a dentist, the professional will do an extensive gum cleaning to remove the bacteria deposits. Pay immediate attention to stop the bacteria from progressing to the next stage. 

Third Stage: Moderate Periodontitis 

The third stage will cause significant boner loss, around twenty to fifty percent. In most cases, you can avoid progressing to the third stage with dentists. You can imagine what will happen when the root surface of your teeth experiences fifty percent bone less.  The disease can progress to this stage with chronic inflammation, pain, and bleeding.  The treatment will be the same, but the cleaning will be more extensive and deeper.

Fourth Stage: Progressive Periodontitis 

Progressive Periodontitis is the fourth or final stage of the disease. This stage will require a more complex procedure. The bacteria must have evolved in the last three stages and can make your condition more severe. You might experience significant tooth loosening, pus formation, major bone loss, and painful chewing due to fifty to eighty-five percent of bone loss. However, you can treat the condition with a dental clinic OKC. Otherwise, you will have gaps between teeth, chronic pain, and inflammation. There will be a recession of gums and a significant impact on your chewing ability. You might require dentures as well.

Your oral health determines your smile, confidence, chewing ability, and quality of life. Never ignore teeth issues, as they might lead to tooth decay and artificial restorations without treatments. 

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