The bedside table is one of the most important pieces of furniture and is not just a place for your eyeglasses, lip balms, or loose change. It is a piece of furniture that is a workhorse and deserves to shine. There is a way to style it, and when done properly, it adds to the balance of the bedroom. When you buy a bedside table, it should reflect your personal style as well as be functional so that the practical items in your bedroom can be housed. If you are unsure of how to style your bedside table, here are a few tips on how to do it. When it comes to where to buy it, leading furniture retailers like Wakefit have many styles and designs to choose from. 

Incorporate Heights

When you are choosing the bedside ensemble, proportions play an important role. When you place objects that are of the same size, it gives a flat look, whereas when you add varying heights, it adds a different dimension. Tall designs make for better impact and drama, while smaller objects add a sense of calm and balance. A thing to note is that a nightstand is the last thing you see at night, and when you arrange items of different sizes and shapes, it helps to create a calm sleep environment. Some style accessories that you can add of varying height are:

  • Tall table lamps or tall vases for height
  • Candles or photo frames for medium-sized beauty
  • Low profile additions like trays and bowls

Add Colours and Texture

Adding texture to the bedside table online makes for an instantly captivating display. But before you determine the texture to use, consider the surface you are dealing with. Remember that different bedside table styles, which can be made from wood, metal, or glass, can be dressed with various textures. If you have a nightstand that is made of high-shine wood or veneer, then you can add table lamps and ceramic vases. If you have high-grain bedside tables or sleek glass tables, then you can place tactile accents, which range from coral sculptures to hammered metal pieces. Like how you should add items of varying height to create impact, for a better visual effect, include a mix of textures. Some styling ideas are:

Invest in practical and personal style

While a bedside table needs to be decorated, remember that it is a place for your personal and functional belongings. So you should not compromise on style while adding useful items like valet trays or clocks. Invest in designs that complement the decor scheme while serving the function. For instance, you can choose cute but practical golden bowls to beautifully complement metallic accents. Experiment with faux leather bowls, boxes, and ceramic vases.

Add a personal touch to enhance the bedside table. You can add picture frames with your favourite artwork or photographs to make the bedside arrangement completely personal. Candles with your favourite scent or a vase with your most-liked flowers also add a personal touch.

Light up

One of the most important accessories for a bedside table design is a table lamp. But you should make sure that you choose the proper size so that it is not too small or too big, which can overwhelm the space. Also, the stand and the shade should fit perfectly so that they are not too big. When it comes to height, you can choose lamps that are about 28 to 32 inches tall on a 28 to 30-inch bedside table. When you style your table with an ideal lamp, it is a piece of art. If there is not enough space on the surface, install a wall scone just above the table. If you are wondering how to style the nightstand, then you can decorate the table surface with a stack of books you are currently reading and add a vase.

Style using Symmetry

Styling with symmetry is a great technique, as it is pleasing to look at. Look for items that are a ‘mirror image’ so that you can add the same bedside arrangements on both sides. Twin table lamps are a great way to make the bed look beautiful, as they add poise to the bedroom. A few other styling options are to add matching accents like bouquets of red flowers and metallic photo frames to create a balanced style. Alternatively, you can opt for subtle symmetry by choosing a material or a colour theme to display different but cohesive bedside styling. Some styling ideas, including floral arrangements, table lamps, bookends, etc., add a great shine when they are placed in pairs.

Add Contrast

Adding the right colours is an essential step in styling your bedside table. Contrasting and complementing the colour of the nightstand is one of the best ways to showcase the design. Whatever the colour of the wooden bedside table– rich walnut, ebony black, pure white, etc.—use this as a reference to add accents in similar colours. Adding contrasting tones adds a different dimension to your display and also prevents a look of heavy block colour. Lighter shades make for a great combination against the dark colours of the table, and vice-versa. Add a pop of metallic tones and bold colour to highlight it better. Another way to enhance the impact of the bedside decor is to use the same colour of family bed linen.

Keep it Simple

One of the important things in bedside styling is to keep things simple. How to do that? Less is more. While it is tempting to add as many unique accessories as you can to the table, it can lead to overstyling that does not look good. Instead, add a few impactful pieces to make the look more effective than placing many ordinary accents. Remember that accessories should enhance the look and not completely cover the surface of the table. Look for timeless pieces and amazing materials and craftsmanship for your round or rectangular wood side table rather than adding ordinary pieces. To keep things stylish yet simple, pick accents in neutral colours and subtle patterns, as they never fail to impress. Simple glassware is one such accessory that is elegant and timeless

Bed tables online, when styled properly, enhance the look of your bedroom. But when adding accessories, they should blend function and form while serving the purpose. So you should be imaginative and innovative to make it the focal point and add the final touches to the bedroom interior design.

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