Oracle EBS: A Beneficial Tool for Businesses


Oracle E-Business suite is an integrated group of applications intended to automate CRM, SCM, and ERP. Oracle EBS supports users in managing businesses and expeditions of decision-making. It is considered to be a leading choice for backend business workflows and management. There are many advantages of using Oracle EBS, like increased productivity and sizable ROI.

Oracle EBS is widely used by different industries and is well-known for its scalability and robust features. Testing is crucial to check the functionality of the existing system. There are primarily two ways of testing: manual testing and automation

Though Oracle EBS automation is far better than manual testing because it is less time-consuming and helps businesses in streamlining their operations.

Understanding Oracle EBS Automation Testing

The process of using the automated tool for the test script execution is known as Oracle EBS automation testing. Automated tests simulate user interaction with applications and verify results to ensure that it is working as intended. The main aim of testing is to catch errors or bugs in the early development cycle and improve efficiency by minimizing the scope of human intervention.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Oracle EBS Testing

Organizations that embrace automation testing stay ahead in the game and can deal with challenges in a much better way. It reduces the chances of human error by eliminating the need for continuous execution of test scripts by human beings. Due to this, the efforts and time can be reduced to a large extent.

The test cases can be executed in a faster manner and do not take much time compared to manual testing. The tests can be quickly executed in less time due to which the developers and QA team can focus on other critical tasks.

The automated test can be created on one side and executed simultaneously on another side. This increased the overall efficiency of the testing process and hence streamlines the workflow of business operations.

The automated tools can track and store the data and can provide the testing history. Due to this, the traceability gets enhanced.

Tools for Oracle EBS Test Automation

Though there are several automation tools available in the market, choosing the right one is all the more important. Below given are some well-known tools used for Oracle EBS automation:-


OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) is built specifically for Oracle products. It comes with built-in Oracle functionalities that up the setup and design process. It has a few limitations like it can only be used for web-based products.


It is a codeless automation tool with advanced capabilities and easy to use interface. It comprises the default library in addition to predefined building blocks. It permits the creation of customizable run schedules that can be executed in both local and remote environments.


It is a code-based automation tool that is open source and quite famous for various reasons. It is functional for all browsers and operates on all major OS. Its test scripts can be written in different languages, like Python and C#. It comprises four major components:- Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Web driver, and Selenium GRID.

HP QuickTest Professional (QTP)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has developed the QTP tool and offers various ranges of testing. Including EBS, it is used in a wide range of applications for testing.


It is a no-code test automation tool and is considered to be the leading tool for Oracle EBS automation testing. It de-risks the EBS to OCI migration projects through continuous, end-to-end EBS testing. It quickly plugs into the EBS environment to recognize the test that is running already. It comes packed with prebuilt test accelerators that not only speed up the migration process but also reduce business risks.

Since it is a no-code test automation tool, business users can easily get involved in the testing process. Furthermore, support for technology stack can help organizations to de-risk their mission-critical applications.

Final Thoughts

EBS refers to the set of applications that were developed to support global business problems. There are many benefits of Oracle EBS, like seamless integration with analytics, sizable ROI, and increased productivity. However, to streamline the overall workflow of the business using EBS, it is necessary to conduct the Oracle EBS automation.

To accelerate the process of automation testing in the Oracle EBS suite, Opkey is a codeless platform that integrates new-age technology, like AI. It generates the test cases that are required to be converted into automated test scripts. Due to all this, the migration timeline gets reduced by 30%



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