Macro Teaching: 4 Major Benefits associated with It


What is Macro Teaching?

Macro teaching is considered to be a method whose major objective is to teach a learning activity to a particular group of students to the entire class at once. Generally macro teaching is mainly found in areas where there are a large number of students present at a single time. This can be anything from schools to universities based on what kind of classroom we are talking about.

Considering the increasing importance of online education with more and more educational Institutes joining the online platform selling courses, it has now become important to implement the macro teaching method in online classes.  

The major reason being that, initially, when the concept of online education first gained importance, only a small group of students were generally undertaking classes. However, the increasing demand for online classes among students across all age types has now made it imperative that macro teaching concepts be implemented in the online teaching sector.

It is because of this reason that most online institutes in this field sell online courses and are looking for teachers who have the ability to conduct macro teaching and ensure that every student is being provided with proper attention.

Therefore, prospective teachers who are looking to work in this sector are required to have the qualities of undertaking macro teaching in these online platforms. It is because of this reason in the following section a list of benefits have been highlighted that can be beneficial to the teachers when it comes to conducting macro teaching in online teaching.

Benefits of Macro Teaching

  1. Saves Time:  one of the most important benefits that is associated with the concept of macro teaching is that it has been saving a lot of time. Since in this kind of teaching the teacher undertakes the providing of instructions to the entire class in a single time it becomes easier for them to develop a strong lesson plan thereby ensuring that equal impact is made on each and every student in the class. Moreover, it also allows the teacher to provide their best effort and ensure that the students are able to gain a better understanding of the content that is being taught to them. In this way the teachers can effectively save time and also provide better concentration to each of the students.
  2. Easy to achieve Goals:  another major advantage that is provided through the method of macro teaching is that it becomes easier for the teacher to achieve their teaching objectives. This is because through this method it becomes easier for the teacher to gain a better understanding of how the classes are progressing and thereby allows them to undertake decisions regarding what kind of concepts need to be taught to the class. It also allows the teacher to take tests at the same time through which it becomes easier to measure the performance of each and every student and thereby select lesson plans that will ensure that students can mitigate their existing mistakes and perform better.
  3. Helps in developing lesson plans easily: Another major advantage that is provided through the macro teaching method is that it allows teachers to effectively develop lesson plans that can be implemented for the full classroom. Most of the lesson plans are developed after close consideration of the progress of the students thereby allowing the teachers to develop a Holistic lesson plan that will help in the overall improvement in the entire classroom.  It is because of this reason that macro teaching makes it possible for the Teachers to make an engaging and motivating classroom environment. 
  4. Helps in improving auditory learning: The entire macro teaching is completely dependent upon the auditory ability of the students and the communication ability of the teachers.  Through the process of macro teaching it becomes possible for the students to improve their audited learning and memory retention as they are required to listen closely to what the teachers are explaining in the classroom to gain a better understanding of the concepts being taught.

In conclusion it can be stated that there are a lot of benefits associated with macro teaching and with the increasing demand for teachers who have the ability to teach classes in online teaching it is important for teachers to consider this process. 

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