Kenya Calling: Top Tips for an Unforgettable Family Safari Adventure


Kenya, with its majestic landscapes and diverse wildlife, beckons families for an unforgettable safari experience. Witnessing lions lazing in the sun, playful monkeys swinging through trees, and graceful giraffes browsing on acacia leaves creates lasting memories for both adults and children. But planning a safari with kids requires extra considerations. Fear not, adventurous Kenya family holidays! Here are some top tips to ensure your Kenyan safari holiday’s adventure is a roaring success for everyone:

Choosing the Right Time:

  • Age Matters: Consider your children’s ages when planning your trip. Younger children might struggle with long game drives. Opt for tours with shorter game drives or activities like bush walks to keep them engaged. Older children with a longer attention span will appreciate extended wildlife viewing experiences.
  • Weather Wise: Kenya experiences wet and dry seasons. The dry season (June – October) offers ideal weather for game viewing, with minimal rain and predictable sunshine. However, this coincides with peak tourist season, so expect higher prices and larger crowds. The shoulder months (November – May) offer lower prices and fewer crowds, but there’s a chance of encountering rain.

Selecting the Perfect Safari:

  • Family-Friendly Focus: Many safari tour operators cater specifically to families. These tours offer child-friendly itineraries with shorter game drives, engaging activities, and knowledgeable guides who can answer children’s questions and keep them entertained.
  • Accommodation Options: Consider your accommodation options. Family-friendly lodges offer spacious rooms, swimming pools, and children’s programs with activities like nature walks and storytelling sessions. Some also provide babysitting services, allowing parents to enjoy some downtime.
  • Activities Beyond Game Drives: Not all activities on a safari involve spotting wildlife. Choose tours that incorporate activities like visiting cultural villages, learning about local crafts, or participating in interactive games related to the African bush. This variety keeps children engaged and fosters a deeper appreciation for Kenyan culture.

Packing for Success:

  • Sun Smarties: Kenya’s sun can be intense. Pack sun hats, UV-protective clothing, and plenty of sunscreen for the whole family. Reapply sunscreen frequently, especially after swimming or sweating.
  • Creature Comforts: Consider bringing along small binoculars, activity books with animal themes, and travel-sized games to keep children entertained during quieter moments. A small flashlight for nighttime exploration adds to the excitement.
  • Dress for Adventure: Pack comfortable clothes in neutral colors that dry quickly. Long-sleeved shirts and pants are ideal for sun protection and warding off insects. Bring sturdy shoes suitable for walking on uneven terrain.

Making the Most of Your Safari:

  • Set Expectations: Safaris involve early mornings and long periods in the vehicle. Prepare children by discussing daily routines and explaining what to expect. Be patient and understanding if they get restless during extended game drives.
  • Engage Their Curiosity: Encourage children to ask questions and be inquisitive. Help them identify animals seen on the safari and share fun facts about wildlife behavior. Bring along a kid-friendly safari guidebook to further pique their interest.
  • Capture Memories: Let your children take photos and videos of their safari experiences. This allows them to document their adventure and relive the excitement upon returning home.

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Beyond the Wildlife:

  • Cultural Encounters: Integrate cultural experiences into your safari itinerary. Visit a local village and learn about traditional crafts, music, and dance. This fosters a deeper understanding of Kenyan culture and broadens children’s perspectives.
  • Beach Bliss: Consider combining your safari adventure with a relaxing beach vacation. Kenya’s stunning coastline offers pristine beaches where families can swim, build sandcastles, and enjoy water sports.

A Rewarding Adventure Awaits:

A Kenyan safari with your family can be a life-changing experience. By choosing the right tour, packing appropriately, and engaging your children’s curiosity, you can create lasting memories that will spark a lifelong appreciation for nature and wildlife. So, pack your sense of adventure, embrace the spirit of exploration, and embark on an unforgettable Kenyan safari adventure with your entire family!

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