How to Protect Your Belongings When Hiring Movers

Hiring Movers

A move to a new state can open up countless opportunities for your family. It can mean lower housing costs, cheaper groceries, more disposable income, and a better quality of life overall.

Check a moving company’s credentials, including DOT numbers (for interstate moves) and motor carrier numbers (for local moves). Also, read reviews.


When movers are working in your home, it’s important they are professional. This includes wearing uniforms, taking the time to answer questions, and providing a thorough estimate. They also issue a bill of lading, which is a written agreement between you and the mover. It will include a breakdown of costs, terms of payment, and information about the carrier. It is a legal contract, so hang on to it in case anything goes wrong.

Jacob Twig is the President of a New York moving company, and he makes sure his staff maintains professionalism. He loves the way his employees make themselves available to clients, ready to address any concerns and provide assistance.


Moving companies offer a variety of services. Their core service is transporting goods from the old home to the new one, but they also provide specialized services such as disassembly and assembly of furniture pieces and storage. Some of these companies also provide cleaning services for clients who are unable to do it themselves.

Choosing the right mover for your relocation needs depends on many factors, including training and insurance. Before hiring a moving company, ask for references and check their online reviews. This will help you avoid scams and unqualified movers.

You can also find out whether a moving company is insured by asking for details about their coverage policy. Find out what kind of items are covered, how much coverage they provide for each item and how the company handles disputes or claims. Lastly, ask about extra charges and fees for services outside regular business hours or on weekends. This will prevent you from being hit with unexpected expenses in the future.


When you hire a professional moving company, they come equipped with everything that’s needed to safely and efficiently move your belongings. This includes supplies such as sturdy boxes that can support a lot of weight; bubble wrap and packing tape to protect fragile items; and wheel dollies to help them transport heavy items. They also have the ability to disassemble and reassemble furniture, which makes the entire process much more efficient.

Besides standard equipment, some professional movers also have access to specialized machinery and vehicles for moving extremely large or heavy items. For instance, some companies can provide a crane for lifting and transporting heavy machinery or equipment such as safes or hot tubs.

Other specialized equipment that some movers may have is utility dollies and furniture dollies, which have different load capacities. These are great for moving heavy boxes, and furniture that can’t fit through a door or narrow stairs. They also help avoid injuries caused by carrying a heavy load by hand.


When it comes to moving, there is a lot more to worry about than just getting your things from point A to point B. Accidents can happen, and your belongings are vulnerable in transit. That’s why you need to take steps to protect your belongings and minimize damage.

A moving company can offer you two different liability options: full-value protection and released-value protection. Under federal law, interstate movers are required to provide both of these options.

Released-value protection reimburses a mover 60 cents per pound for each item that is lost or damaged. This option is typically included in the cost of your move, but it offers a minimal amount of coverage.

Full-value protection is more comprehensive, and a mover is liable for the current replacement value of each item that is lost or damaged during a shipment. The cost of this option varies by mover and is subject to a deductible. You may also be able to obtain third-party insurance for your items of extraordinary value.

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