How To Prep Your Vehicle for Hurricane Season


When hurricane season arrives, you and your family likely take precautions by stocking up on necessary supplies for your safety. However, what steps do you take to prepare your vehicle? In the event of a natural disaster, you want to guarantee that your rig is ready to ride in case of emergency, and that it’s able to withstand the road conditions once you make it out of your garage. If you need guidance on how to prep for the season, such as investing in proper off road tires, here are some helpful tips to consider for safeguarding you and your family from Mother Nature’s wrath.

Suspension for Flooding

One of the biggest hazards that can arise from hurricane-grade rain and winds is massive flooding. If water levels are reported to rise high enough to wash out roads or even the bottom levels of your home, having a family vehicle ready to roll beforehand to get you to safety is crucial.

To assemble a storm-ready rig, you should first check out the current state of your vehicle’s suspension. Your ride’s shocks, wheels and tires are potentially going to be driving through deep water, slick mud and other environmental debris. This all but guarantees that you’ll need a powerful air suspension system to handle such conditions, giving you greater control and stability behind the wheel. To upgrade your vehicle quickly, you can search for high-quality air suspension kits for trucks that will offer you all the parts and components you need for fast, effective improvements.

Inspect Your Tires

While your suspension needs addressing early in the preparation process, inspecting and possibly replacing your rig’s tires should undoubtedly be a high priority on your list, as well. Off-road tires are ideal for hurricane season, as they’re already designed to cut through intense, rough terrain and muddy trails on a regular basis. Basic all-weather tires are also primed for greater efficiency on the roadways during various weather events year-round.

If your ride needs replacements, enhancing your vehicle with a fresh set of high-performing, durable tires is key to achieving peace of mind. You can also opt for full tire and wheel packages that will give you even greater reassurance, should a high-category storm be getting ready to hit your area.

Check the Essentials

Finally, it’s immensely important that you consider all of the everyday essentials of your vehicle in the process of optimizing your rig. Things like testing the quality of your windshield wipers, checking your oil, filling up your gas tank and searching for any possible leaks or cracks in your ride’s windows are all necessary steps to completing a well-rounded inspection before hurricane season rolls around. Meanwhile, you should also test the capabilities of your battery and starter, ensuring that they’re charged or working at high capacity if you need to get up and go in a hurry.

Preparing your home for hurricane season can be daunting enough without having to prep your vehicle, too. However, when the pouring rain and gale-force winds are headed your way, you’ll be happy you put in the effort. For greater assistance, online auto retailers are readily available with dependable products to enhance your rig for any and all extreme weather events.

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