Explained: How CREW Carbon Jobs Are Shaping Careers


In action since 2022, CREW Carbon has always been consistent with its business outlook. As a brand, the organisation specialises in climate solutions. Specifically, it offers an Enhanced Weathering (ERW) technology, which is important in removing Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere.

The company collaborates with direct, wastewater, air capture and biomass systems to capture and store CO2. For this, CREW Carbon uses monitored reaction systems utilising pre-existing infrastructure and clever engineering. The ultimate aim is to create low-cost and effective CO2 storage systems. To come up with such an ambitious job, the organisation hires the best talents in various roles, shaping careers in an international sphere. Wondering how? The write-up will serve you with the most acute answers here and now!

Reasons CREW Carbon Jobs Are Special and Boost Your Career

With its headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut, USA, CREW Carbon is a reassuring name in the carbon removal and GHG management sector. The following points elaborate on why jobs here are special while shaping your career.

International Exposure

Employees at CREW Carbon get to become a part of a flexible work schedule. They have a choice to work from different parts of the world. Even if your position gets you placed at the headquarters in New Maven, you still have the opportunity to follow a hybrid work schedule and not visit the office every day.  

An Assorted Spectrum

Candidates passionate about climate change and interested in paving a better future truly attract the attention of the hiring team. There are a variety of positions available at CREW Carbon for you to work – Head of Engineering, R&D Engineer, Project Lead Engineer and Mechanical Engineer. Each offers wide exposure, great flexibility and a handsome package, shaping your career for the best.

Out Of The Box Job Roles And Requirements

Each day is different at CREW Carbon! As you become a part of the company, you work in labs or on-site projects, develop new mitigative rules for nature, design new project schedules and work according to various permit compliances. The best part is here, you get to work with new-age technology, which is also environmentally safe. Thus offering a secure spectrum to start your career with. 

Career Shaping Job Roles At CREW Carbon

As part of ‘CREW,’ you get to contribute towards saving nature and making this world a better place to live. Reducing pollution levels and emissions as they come along. You also stand an opportunity to shape your own career and indulge in a life-changing experience. Below is a list of the prominent job roles available:

Head Of Engineering

As the head of engineering, you will work across the lab and on-site arenas. The responsibility will be to guide the team in system designing and optimisation, help them with modifications, and develop new plans to update carbon capture reactor systems occasionally.

The post requires 6+ years of work experience and, most importantly, a strong desire to combat climate change. Since the company lets you choose your preferred work location, you can easily balance your personal and professional life at its best. 

Mechanical Engineer

As a mechanical engineer, you will work to create and refine CREW’s various reactor systems under different operating conditions. The location for the job is flexible, and this time, a candidate with 2+ years of experience can apply. Thus, you get a pretty good break at the start of your career.

On the job, you get to handle machinery operations besides dry and wet lab equipment. For the preliminary discussion, you must develop computer-assisted design (CAD) schematics and drawings. This will add to a great experience, making you future-ready. By completing your tenure at the CREW, you will have a vivid experience of multiple professionally accurate tools and planning tactics.  

Carbon Removal Engineer

The role involves designing research and conducting experiments in the lab and field. Nothing fancy – The organisation has made it mandatory to have 2+ years of work experience in relevant laboratory projects. On a day-to-day basis, you need to prepare and evaluate technical plans, presentations, reports and proposals, supporting new and ongoing projects.

R&D Engineer

The fundamental goal of this role is to guarantee the success of the pilot plant. You will be developing sensor designs for CREW’s systems. Thus ensuring top-notch precision in carbon reduction MRV. Minimum 2 years of work experience in similar prospects will do!

Project Lead Engineer

As a project lead engineer, you will look after multiple projects at the organisation. The company wants you to lead the prime operations – design, installation and deployment of the CREW technology. The experience required is 5+ years in early-stage technologies, and you will be posted at the headquarters in New Maven. Quite a good opportunity! One that offers international exposure at a mid-career state.   


According to the company, a candidate’s strong motive to combat environmental stress is what matters the most to them. The hiring team never expects a candidate to have complete know-how or professional experience of the job role requirements. You can easily apply at CREW Carbon if you have any of the listed qualifications or experiences.

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