5 Things You Should Look for When Apartment Hunting


Are you one of the many students looking for a new apartment?

The search for an apartment is something that a lot of people go through at the start of every school year. But nothing is more frustrating than having a dream apartment in sight and then realizing it doesn’t meet your needs.

For this reason, you should consider many minor details before choosing one. After all, you intend to make this residence yours for the next four years.

Not sure where to begin? Here we’ll walk you through a few things you should look for while apartment hunting.

1. Research the Neighborhood

When apartment hunting, it is essential to research the neighborhood where the property is located. Start by asking locals if it is considered a safe area and if there is a sense of community among neighbors.

Try to visit the area at different times to see if there is a drastic change in foot traffic, noise, or other environmental factors. Lastly, look into the student housing market to see the average rent costs, as this could affect your monthly budget.

2. Accessibility and Amenities

Accessibility is critical, so consider how close it is to school, public transportation, shopping, and other places you frequent. Also, research the area and ask around to ensure it is safe.

Amenities can impact your quality of life, so look for a complex that provides what you need. Look for a building with a gym, laundry facilities, a pool, parking, security, and other essential services.

Being comfortable and safe in your home should be a priority, so make sure you take the time to research and compare all the options available.

3. Do a Walkthrough

Walking through the unit allows you intimate access to the student apartment, its components, and its surrounding area. Visually assess the overall condition of the unit.

Ensure that kitchen fixtures, floors, walls, and ceilings are free from damage. All of these are directly related to the condition of the unit and the impact it may have on your tenancy.

Making sure you do a thorough walkthrough of the property will help you make the right decision.

4. Safety and Security

When apartment hunting, keeping safety and security in mind is vital. When touring apartments, look for good lighting inside and outside the building.

Doors should have secure locks, and windows should have appropriate screens and shutters to prevent easy access from the outside. Review the building’s emergency plans, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and fire alarm system.

Speak to neighbors about the neighborhood’s safety and overall environment. Additionally, ask management about the building’s safety protocols, such as security cameras, surveillance, and secure door access.

Making sure you feel safe and secure in your apartment should be a top priority when hunting.

5. Compare Apartment Costs

When apartment hunting for TTU student housing, one thing you must consider is cost. Comparing apartment costs is vital to ensure you are not overspending.

Start by looking at rental rates, security deposits, special fees, and utilities to understand the total cost. Be sure to check for any discounts or specials that the apartment complex might offer, too.

Apartment Hunting Made Easy

When apartment hunting, consider essential factors, such as the price, neighborhood, and amenities. Also, remember the area’s walkability, the fees, rules for pets, and parking.

After researching these factors, take the time to visit the potential apartments and get a good feel for the place you may be calling home. Act now to find your perfect apartment.

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