5 Awesome Ideas to Get Unique & Attractive, Printed Pack Bottle Carrier  


A bottle carrier is ideal for transporting bottled or jarred goods such as beer, cider, hot sauces, spices, and condiments. Moreover, you do not need glue, tape, or staples to construct the carriers. The inbuilt handle on its design makes it easy to carry. The partitions are aesthetically pleasing, but they do not compromise security. The most preferred material is corrugated cardboard or solid board. They are more robust, making them appropriate for heavy products. You can design it to safely transport two to six bottles of varying sizes and shapes. In addition, you can get the help of expert makers of custom bottle holders. They will come with many exceptional ideas to design as per your need.  

Retailers utilize bottle carriers to make it easier for customers to buy many bottles. Using it allows consumers to shop for various items and brands with varying bottle sizes. Manufacturers often use these carriers for marketing purposes. It’s because these carriers provide a convenient pack with a strong shelf effect. Moreover, they must be attractive enough to catch the eye of onlookers. So, you must equip with some unique ideas to get the best results out of these boxes.   

Exhibit Your Originality with Bottle Carrier

To locate your six-pack of Coca-Cola, what do you look for when you wander down the soft drink aisle, scanning the shelves stocked with 82 million cans and bottles? The written logo or the traditional red can, which do you prefer? The average person makes a purchasing decision about a product in less than 90 seconds. 90% of the time, people make purchasing decisions based purely on the color of something. 

As a result, color is a critical component of your custom packaging and brand. Similarly, a simple brown or white crate gives a minimal yet classy look. However, if you splash some vibrant or bright colors on the carrier, it becomes an identity of your brand. You can personalize the box in the same way the bottles are packed. For example, if the bottle packaging is black with a unique white logo. You can print the entire bottle carrier in black color and print them with your brand logo.  

Enhances the Value with Attractive Presentation

The consumption of beverages and other drinking liquids is widespread. Some people need them to survive, while others do it only for pleasure. You need to keep your brand in your customers’ thoughts while also drawing new clients to your brand to generate sales in today’s competitive market. When you present your bottled products in a printed bottle carrier, you can display your business while on the go and keep your delicate gloss bottles secure. Anyone may appreciate the thrill of receiving a wine gift. Everything about it shows that it’s sophisticated, refined, and fun. 

Wrapping your wine bottle in an eye-catching wine carrier box makes it look good and makes the recipient happy because it will make them grin. Carrier options range from the simple to the complex: a cardboard bottle carrier to a four or six-pack. Ribbons, flowers, chilling stones, die-cut windows, and a range of other embellishments are available to personalize your wine carrier box. You may also create your design and share it with your packaging designer to achieve the greatest results. 

Inside printing makes you unique

Printing on both sides of your custom cardboard boxes is a great way to raise awareness of your business and reach a wider audience. The practice of printing on double sides of a piece is known as two-sided printing or double-sided printing. Printing on the box’s interior gives your business a more personal connection to your customer during unwrapping. The unboxing experience is suddenly a big deal. If you care about organic growth, then unpacking is vital. With some added branding, carrier boxes can tell a thousand words, one of which is your brand’s name. 

The use of inside printing is a part of the marketing budget, not the packaging budget. When customers receive packages, they usually open them up right away. Your outside print has just a few seconds to make an impression that will last. The print on the interior of your wine bottle carrier packaging jumps to life as soon as you open your item. Colorful visuals, messaging, brand loyalty, promotional advertising, and general appeal are all important components of a brand’s initial first impression. Almost every consumer who opens your package will be exposed to your print marketing on the inside. 

Use of Light Weight Material for an Easy Portability of Bottles

Protecting the contents and ensuring that your bottles arrive in proper condition are the most critical functions of a printed bottle carrier. You may use an ISTA-certified packaging manufacturer who can recreate your supply chain measures to rigidly test the performance of your packs. Moreover, you should choose lightweight materials such as cardboard, corrugated and Kraft for carrier manufacturing. The reason is that bottles already have much weight to hold. If you craft the box with heavy materials, it becomes difficult for customers to hold the box and bottles’ weight. 

Use Bottle Carrier for Branding & Marketing Purposes

The first and foremost important thing for brand marketing is using a creative logo. One of the first things people will notice about your business is its logo. So, make a good impression with a cardboard bottle carrier. Show everyone that you provide high-quality service and communicate your company’s mission graphically. Use your imagination to design a unique logo which reflects your brand in the best possible way. If you invest wisely, you won’t have to spend separately for marketing purposes. You can print other product and brand details along with an unforgettable logo. You can give details such as the brand’s contact number, email address, and office address.  

Bottle carrier brings convenience to the retailers and customers for carrying liquor jars. Customers and retailers do not have to pay for individually packaging when there is a cheap option for packing more than one bottle. You can follow the above packaging and printing ideas to give a unique identity to your packages. 

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