Is the idea of a nine-to-five workday no longer appealing? Have you ever considered freelancing but wondered whether it’s right for you?

There is a growing number of freelancers in America. In fact, about 73 million Americans work as freelancers as of early 2023.

Working as a contractor can be an exciting idea. There are many advantages beyond flexible hours as well. Read on to learn why working as a contractor is a great decision for you.

  1. Experiencing the Freedom of Being Your Own Boss

You no longer have to answer to somebody that you find to be oppressive. And You decide when and where you work, what projects you take on, and decide the outcome of your work.

You can set the pace and the size of the projects you take on and thus control the income flow. If a project isn’t doing as expected, you have the ability to redefine its scope or terminate the project without fear of reprimanding or questioning.

You also have the ability to network with other contractors and gain valuable knowledge and experience. If you come across an organization that shares your goals and values, you can choose to accept a contractor conversion. This will allow you to be more involved in the business.  

Being your own boss can create an extra level of satisfaction in the work that you do. This may help accelerate your career advancement in the field that you are passionate about.

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  1. Flexibility in Working Hours and Location

Contractors can choose their own hours and workplace, allowing them to better manage their personal and career goals. This creates a work-life balance that office work may not allow all the time.

The flexibility in working hours enables contractors to better manage their workload. By avoiding the 9-5 workday, contractors are more likely to stay energized and motivated throughout their workday. Contractors can produce better results by working based on the time that they are most creative and productive.

Working remotely is also a huge advantage for contractors. It eliminates the need for long commutes. This enables them to remain productive and efficient because of the time and energy that they save. The extra time can also be used to develop new skills and gain valuable experience for career development.

  1. Tax Advantages of Contractor Employment

Contractors experience a number of tax advantages that are unavailable to those employed through traditional jobs. Contractors can often write off more expenses than an employee working for the same company could. These expense deductions can save money at tax time and potentially reduce the amount of taxes owed.

Contractors often use a strategy known as setting up an LLC to separate their personal and work finances and create a more sustainable financial future. Additionally, contractors can negotiate more favorable tax rates with the government with respect to corporate rates, self-employment taxes, and capital gains tax.

For those considering a transition from employee to contractor, the potential tax benefits are something that should be seriously considered. It is important to work with a qualified tax professional to ensure all applicable tax benefits are taken advantage of.

Go After Your Career Goals by Being a Contractor

Working as a contractor can provide countless benefits. From gaining more flexibility in a work-life balance to earning more money, contractors are often in high demand in many industries.

If you think that being a contractor is right for you. Go and give it a shot!

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