What is Cloud Server Hosting? Types and Advantages



Do you sometimes wish to have an unbeatable server hosting that never declines? What if we tell you that there is a type of server hosting that can never disappoint you?

With a cloud server service, you can achieve all the dedicated resources your website requires. No more sharing of web resources with other websites or standing in the queue when your server speed cheats you.

Let’s get serious and talk about cloud server hosting. We will tell you every detail about this hosting, including its types, advantages, and whether it suits you. Fasten your seatbelts because you are about to read an amazing piece on cloud hosting that also includes a brief comparison between managed VPS vs cloud server hosting and with other server types too.

What is a Cloud Server?

A cloud server is very different from other types of server hostings like dedicated, VPS, or shared. Let’s relate to cloud servers with a short and crisp example.

Cloud server hosting is very similar to mutual funds. A mutual fund does not depend on a single company’s stock to earn profit and distributes investment across various market sectors. Similarly, a cloud-based single-tenant server also does not rely on a single server. It uses a variety of servers, be it virtual or physical, to power the hosting network. This is the secret of cloud hosting’s faster data transmission. 

A major differentiating factor that makes cloud server hosting stand out is the usage of the virtualization technique. A cloud server distributes private space to its clients on the main server through virtual separation, unlike physical separation on a dedicated server.

Types of Cloud Server Hosting

A cloud-based single-tenant server is divided into three categories: public, private, and hybrid. We urge you to take a fleeting look at all three categories below.

1.   Public Cloud Server

Public cloud servers work on subscription technology. You can enjoy the service through a mere subscription. This is a distinct feature of a cloud platform. The data-sharing feature of this service takes away all the privacy of this service. This server uses public data center to store the information. This type of cloud-based service is cheaper than a private one.

     2. Private Cloud Server

A private cloud server is the safest and fastest option available in the hosting market. The client gets total liberty to use the web resources with private virtual space on the main server. This type of service does not share data center space with others. It is very identical to a single-tenant server offering private space to the client on the server. The private server is a step ahead of physically placed single server tenant hosting, as they use more than one server to facilitate lighting fast data transmission to their clients. This service can be termed the best cloud service among all the hosting solutions.

    3. Hybrid Cloud Server

If you want private server-type data security without paying the high cost, then the hybrid will definitely suit your preferences. Such server gives the freedom of choice to move between private and public servers for data storage. Keep the important data in a private setting and the less essential one in a public setting. This way, you can reduce the cost of the service efficiently and enjoy a high-quality service.

Cloud Server vs Other Hosting Types

To completely understand cloud server hosting you must compare it with other types of hosting. Let’s first take a look at managed VPS vs cloud server hostingand then go further with other hosting types.

Cloud Server or Managed VPS Hosting

Would you believe us if we told you that cloud servers are actually more beginner friendly than virtual servers? That’s true; with complete root access in a VPS, you need a good amount of knowledge, while this type of access is unavailable in a cloud server hosting.

Cloud Server or Shared Hosting

A shared platform offers affordable hosting solutions with limited bandwidth, RAM, and disk storage. On the other hand, a cloud platform is better than a shared one as it is more secure, private, and faster.

Cloud Server or Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated platform is hands-down among the best server hosting with unlimited web resources, robust data security through private space on the main server, etc. The only place that this platform lags behind the cloud platform is the pricing factor. Yes, cloud platforms are, most of the time, cheaper and more cost-effective than dedicated platforms.

    Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting server is a power-packed service with a variety of benefits. Check out the four ‘Ss’ of this hosting service.

●     Stability

A cloud-based single-tenant server is much more stable than a dedicated, VPS, or shared server. The multiple server usage feature of this service doesn’t allow any slowdown.

●     Scalability

A cloud server has space for everyone because it is not completely physical or virtual. Using a variety of servers to provide hosting services is the biggest advantage of this service. The client need not take any tension regarding bandwidth, RAM, disk storage, etc.

●     Security

This service is one of the safest options for data security. When a server works day and night, there is no room for susceptibility. Also, these hostings come with DDoS protection. 

●     Speed

No hosting can match the speed of a cloud-based server. The power of multi servers is much higher than the power of a single server.

Should You Choose Cloud Server Hosting?

If you have a high-traffic website, a rapidly growing web business, large target audience for upcoming projects, then you must choose cloud hosting. A cloud platform offers an unwrinkled user experience with faster data transmission. If you have a promotional event, product launch, or anything like that around the corner, then a cloud platform will prove to be your reliable hosting partner. There is no need to invest much time managing the platform as it is user-friendly hosting. Anyone from an e-commerce to a newspaper business owner can choose this type of hosting.


Cloud-based single-tenant server hostings separate server space virtually. This type of hosting is well-versed in handling high-visitor traffic by deploying parallel processors and using multiple servers. The speed, scalability, and stability of this hosting are top-notch as compared to other hostings like dedicated, VPS, or shared.

You can enjoy this cloud service even if you don’t carry a sturdy technical experience. We hope all your doubts related to cloud server hosting have been pacified with our detailed article.

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