How to Change SSH Ports in VPS Romania? 



Secure Shell (SSH) serves as a network protocol. It enables you to access your VPS hosting Romania remotely. Further, SSH is also responsible for encrypting the communication between a client & a VPS Romania. However, when you employ the standard Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) port 22 for SSH, your server can become easily vulnerable to various cyber threats, significantly brute-force attacks. So, via this guide, you will learn how to change the risky SSH port to a safe one on your Romania VPS servers.

How To Choose an SSH Port For Your VPS Hosting Romania?

Before you opt for any new port for your SSH access, you must know that the SSH ports that are numbered from 0-1023 are typically dedicated to privileged services. Therefore, it is essential for you to employ a port that lies among the numbers from 1024 to 65535. Moreover, when you configure a new specified port, the process is relatively straightforward. In this case, you are only required to update the number in the SSH daemon configuration file & firewall settings. After this, you can easily restart the SSH service and test the connection of the new port again for your best VPS server Romania.

How To Change The Current SSH In Romania VPS Servers?

Here are the steps you must consider following diligently for changing the existing SSH port to the desired one on your best VPS Romania

1. Connect To The Server Through SSH

In the first step, you are supposed to connect to your VPS server Romania with the usage of SSH. For this, you have to enter the below command line over Terminal or PuTTy: ssh username@ For instance: ssh paul@181.517.29.3 After executing this command, your system will prompt you to enter the SSH keys or in other words, the password. So, when you get done with the first step, your connection will get appointed.

2. Change Configurations Of SSH

In the second step, you are supposed to modify the configuration of SSH under the Romanian VPS. In order to do this, you have to begin by implementing the command below for accessing the SSH daemon (SSHD): sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config After entering this command, the file of SSH configuration will open up. On the displayed window, you need to discover the lime that reads #Port 22. Once you find it, you are required to delete the number as well as # while substituting it with the new port number of SSH which you wish to employ. For instance, you can modify the SSH port number to 1128 and write it as: Port 1128 Afterward, you must save the changes in the window. Moreover, in case your sshd_config file shows the contents differently, you can directly enter a new Port line.

3. Configure Firewall In Your Romania VPS Server

In the next step, you are required to configure the firewall on your VPS Romania. For this, you are required to first make sure that the newly chosen port is not blocked in any way. This is because every port must be open by default if you are dealing with a new Romanian VPS setup. After confirming the opening of all ports, you have to update the settings of your firewall for enabling incoming connections to the new port. To show you an example, we are employing the UFW firewall. Now you have to run the below-mentioned command – sudo ufw allow 1128/tcp Once you execute the above command, you need to then restart the service of SSH with the utilization of the respective command below: Debian & Ubuntu: sudo service ssh restart Debian & Ubuntu with systemd: sudo systemctl restart ssh CentOS & Fedora sudo service sshd restart CentOS & Fedora with systemd: sudo systemctl restart sshd

4. Test The New SSH Port

Now you come to the final step of changing SSH ports on the VPS server Romania. In this last step, you are needed to confirm that the new port of SSH gets open. For verifying the opening of the SSH port, you can either run the following ss command or netstat command: ss -tulpn | grep 1128 or netstat -tulpn | grep 1128 After executing any one of the above two commands, you get the possibility to log in to SSH with the usage of the below-mentioned command: ssh -p [port] user@server For instance: ssh -p 1128 paul@181.517.29.3 Next, you can easily test the connection of SSH with the employment of a new Terminal window. Also, you must take care that you do not lo g out from the last root session unless you get the confirmation that your new setup under the best Romania VPS hosting is operating appropriately. Moreover, many web hosting providers enable you to always reset the settings of SSH as well as the firewall to default in case you are not able to connect to your VPS Romania with the usage of the new SSH port. They let you reset the settings through your virtual private server dashboard.


When you make use of the default SSH port 22, hackers can easily target your VPS server Romania. This is because cyber attackers frequently seek open ports that enable them to thwart and extract your confidential data. Thus, it is highly suggested that you must modify the SSH port to eliminate the risk of potential cyber threats and protect your small business website. This also lets you append an additional layer of security to your VPS hosting Romania. Moreover, by going through this guide thoroughly, we are sure that you are able to change your SSH port on the best VPS Romania without any difficulty or hassle.

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