What Happens If I Don’t Replace My Windows?

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The quality and maintenance of your windows play a critical role in maintaining the well-being and health of your home. If you feel your windows are damaged beyond repair, then you must not delay replacing them. You can contact professional window repair and replacement companies like Maverick Windows for your window replacement. Click here to learn more about Maverick Windows on their website. They offer professional window replacement services at competitive prices.

Common Window Issues

Listed below are common window issues that may require you to replace your windows:

Physical Damage

Physical damage to your windows is one of the most obvious signs that indicate you need to replace them. Damaged frames and broken glass can put your entire home and its residents at risk.


While drafts may not be as obvious as physical damage, you can still notice them if you pay close attention. You may notice a significant difference in temperature in certain rooms or around certain windows. These temperature differences indicate drafts due to damaged windows that require replacement

Water Leaks

If you have an old and dilapidated window, it can lead to water leakage through the gaps. This can become a major problem as ignoring water leaks can lead to damaged walls, flooring, and the home’s substructures.

Noise Pollution

Windows not only block the elements but also help control noise pollution. As your windows age, you may notice that they are not able to block the outside noise as efficiently. This is common, especially for people who live near busy streets or the airport.

Cracked and Rotted Wood

Wooden windows are the most susceptible to damage. You must maintain them regularly to protect the frames from harsh sunlight, pests, and moisture. If not maintained properly, the wooden window frames can crack, rot, or warp.

Dangers of Not Replacing Damaged Windows

Ignoring damaged windows can lead to serious consequences for you and your home. Listed below are a few:

Your Home May Get Damaged Extensively

Chipped or broken windows, when not replaced, can give rise to further problems in your home. It can lead to wood rot in your window frames, stains on your walls, pest and bug infestations, as well as damaged flooring. That is why you must replace damaged windows that are beyond repair to ensure your entire home and its residents stay safe.

Your Home Security Could Be Compromised

Damaged or old windows are a thief or bugler’s paradise. They will be easily able to break into your home, putting you and your belongings at risk. That is why you must replace old and damaged windows to ensure they keep you and your belongings safe from thieves and burglars.

Your Property Value Can Come Down

Not replacing damaged windows can lead to creaky frames, chipped paint, and ugly bulbous use of caulk. All these issues are automatic turn-offs for any prospective home buyers and can bring down your property value. So, if you are interested in selling your home, then you must get your windows inspected and replace any damaged ones.

Your Family Members May Fall Ill Often

When your windows are not able to insulate your home properly, and you don’t replace them, the resulting drafts can pose a serious threat to elderly members of the family, small children, and anyone else with a weak immune system. These drafts can cause health conditions like the common cold, pneumonia, and many other respiratory ailments.

You May Notice Mold Buildup in Your Home

If your windows cannot insulate your home and are not replaced, they could lead to repeated fog accumulation. While a little fog once in a while may be normal, regular accumulation can indicate a serious problem. Ignoring it can lead to a larger mildew and mold problem. Further, these mold spores will float around in the air and affect the air you breathe. In addition, excessive condensation can also weaken your home’s structure by dampening the wood and seeping into the walls.

Your Home May Experience Weather Damages

Your windows play a vital role in defending your home from heavy rainfall, strong winds, and flying debris during storms. That is why you must ensure that they are in proper condition. If you cannot close a stuck window during a storm, it can lead to significant storm damage to your home.

You May Notice Increased Energy Costs

Damaged windows can leak out cozy and warm indoor temperatures, leading to more energy usage to stay comfortable, especially during the cold months. Any condensation between your glass panes in the summer can also signify moisture infiltration. If water vapor creeps in through the windows, they will no longer be effective insulators. Replacing damaged windows and keeping moisture issues at bay can help reduce energy costs in your home.

Your Emergency Exits Will Become Ineffective

Windows that don’t open correctly or are painted shut can pose a significant safety concern to residents during emergencies. In most cases, window exits can save lives during emergencies. If your window is not functioning properly, it can block the exit and put you and your family’s life in danger if you are trying to escape through a damaged window.

Ignoring damaged windows and delaying replacing them can lead to serious damage to your home’s structure. Professional window replacement companies like Maverick Windows can assess your existing windows and help you choose the right window to replace them with. You can contact them to know more.


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