Laser Hair Removal – Safety and Side Effects


The buzz around Laser Hair Removal is long-lived. A permanent process for removing unwanted body hair is more than just a fascination for many. Laser hair removal is a trusted, painful, and almost permanent technique for people who harbor too much body hair and want to get rid of it. While waxing and shaving are temporary processes and can lead to several skin issues like infections, laser hair removal is safe and often without any severe side effects. 

The principle used in Laser Hair Removal treatments is laser light to prevent hair follicle growth. Laser hair removal targets the living cells at the root of the hair follicles embedded in the skin and destroys them. Thus, hair does not grow on the skin. There aren’t many side effects of the laser hair removal treatment. However, some myths exist. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Laser hair removal is an entirely safe process and does not lead to skin quality deterioration in most people. The hair removal process is almost permanent and reduces hair production over the skin. It may take a few sessions to make the skin completely hair-free. Laser hair removal is a dermatologically approved process. There is no chance that it will cause any harm to your skin. The expert dermatologist who performs the treatment always takes various preventive measures to make the process safer. 

Hair removal can be unsafe if done under an amateur practitioner. When opting for laser hair removal treatment, ensure that you choose only the best baton rogue hair removal clinic for the best results. There are no known long-term side effects of laser hair removal. The side effects, if at all occurs, are temporary and can be treated ideally. Connect with the best dermatologists to book your session of hair removal. 

Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Here we talk about common side effects that might accompany laser hair removal. The disclaimer right in the beginning is – the side effects are not universally found among all recipients of the laser hair removal process. The severity of these symptoms is meagre, and none is fatal.

Redness and Irritation

Some people may feel irritation on their skin during the laser hair removal process and often after the treatment. Since the laser ray destroys the hair follicles, the skin may initiate its infection fighting mechanism that involves redness. The skin may also swell up with little to moderate stinging sensation. The redness or swelling is short-lived and never poses any serious threat. The best way to prevent these symptoms is to use a topical numbing cream on the skin before treatment. The topical anaesthetic ointments, if used before the process, temporarily seizes sensation in the area. With the anaesthesia effect, the patient no longer feels pain or stinging sensation. Irritation, if at all occurs, will get suspended automatically within some hours.

Skin Pigmentation Alteration

One rare but prevalent side effect of laser hair removal is a skin colour change. The change is moderate. However, some changes occur. When the laser light penetrates the skin, it interferes with the standard working mechanism of the dermis and epidermis layers. Along with hair follicles, the skin is also concerned with melanin production. A slight increase in melanin production will change the skin colour, possibly making them a few darker tones. The change is more visible in people who have a lighter skin colour. People with already dark skin tones do not experience this change. The change introduced will eventually fade away with time. 


Crusting is one of the most inconvenient skin issues that occur post-laser-treatment. It occurs in very few recipients. But the issue is slightly more concerning than the other ones. A scabbing or scarring skin texture forms over the area that experiences laser hair removal. This is not a deep issue; even if something serious happens, dermatologists can always treat the same. 

There are certain medical conditions during which laser hair removal is not recommended. Laser hair removal is not a great option during pregnancy. Laser light can cause some harm to the body. During pregnancy, women tend to opt for laser hair removal treatment to eliminate excess hair due to specific hormonal changes in the body, but that is not a great idea. Even the physicians won’t allow them to opt for the treatment. 

Final Words

Are you in the dilemma of finding the best clinic for laser hair removal near me? Then connect with some reputed laser hair removal in baton rouge, Louisiana clinic. The best clinics with certified professionals perform the safest laser hair removal procedures. Laser hair removal is cheaper and more effective than most people assume it to be. There are tons of advantages to the treatment, and it is one of the most efficient skin treatment services. Apart from removing the unwanted body hair, the topmost layer of the skin, which contains dead primarily cells or a pigmented epidermis, is also removed by the laser hair removal treatment. Most patients don’t suffer pain or sensitivity during or after the treatment. 


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