5 Common Wedding Planning Errors and How to Avoid Them


The stress of planning your wedding can be immense. Between picking the venue, ensuring the catering is ready, and snapping the perfect shots, it can feel like there’s no downtime.

Even worse, common wedding planning errors come not from incorrectly keeping tabs on the big day but from our subconscious knowing the wedding may not be supposed to be there.

Luckily, there are ways to prevent chaotic and stressful wedding planning before and on your special day. Read on to find out some mistakes you must avoid regarding wedding planning.

  1. Failure to Set an Accurate Budget

Failing to set a wedding budget is one of the most significant wedding planning errors. The best way to avoid this mistake is to plan and write everything you need, including estimated costs for the wedding and all of its events.

Calculate everything, so you know exactly how much you will spend on each event. Additionally, you should consider any surprises and unexpected expenses that might arise and plan accordingly.

  1. Not Knowing Your Venue’s Restrictions

It’s essential to ask the facility manager about any rules or limitations that may affect your wedding celebration. Venues may have restrictions on noise levels, alcohol policies, guest numbers, video and photography rules, curfew, and decorating restrictions.

Ensure you obtain a written list of all the restrictions before signing the contract and understand each limit. If an item is unclear, ask for confirmation of what the venue will and won’t allow well in advance of the wedding celebration.

  1. Miscalculating Timelines and Schedules Thoroughly

Creating a timeline and schedule without considering adjustments for any potential issues is an oversight that can catastrophically and costly derail your wedding. To avoid this, gather all your suppliers, address any questions and plan extra time for unexpected events, so you don’t exceed your budget.

Also, remember to leave extra time between appointments and activities, especially in different locations. When you plan, taking into account the unexpected, you can avoid common errors and have a smooth sailing wedding.

  1. Trying to Do Everything Yourself

While the bride and groom may want a hand in the wedding planning, they may feel overwhelmed or become disorganized if they try to take on the entire process.

It’s important to delegate responsibilities to the couple, close friends, and family. You can either do this, or you can hire a wedding planner who is much more experienced and can help you stay organized.

  1. Not Booking Quality Vendors Ahead of Time

Not booking quality vendors ahead of time can lead to costly last-minute changes or missing services that could have been provided if booked sooner.

Start researching and booking trustworthy vendors mid-way through the planning process, especially for more popular catering and other vendors who fill up quickly. Even if you’re unsure of the exact date, securing an individual or company at least six months in advance is worth it.

A Big No to These Wedding Planning Errors!

Common wedding planning errors occur frequently and can add a lot of frustration to the wedding planning process. Knowing what common mistakes to watch out for is key to avoiding them.

Take time to research, be flexible, and communicate clearly with everyone involved. Use our checklist and simplify the details for your big day. Start by signing up for our free wedding planner today!

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