How to Select a Children’s Pickleball Paddle

How to Select a Children's Pickleball Paddle

In 1965, Joel Pritchard and his pals Bill Bell and Barney McCallum invented pickleball as a way to amuse the kids on a trip with friends and relatives. Although pickleball is primarily a kid’s game, adults sometimes find it amusing enough to play. You cannot give your kids one of your paddles and expect them to serve first if you have been an ardent pickler for some time and they have started to show interest in playing. A kids pickleball paddle is required. If you’ve only ever used adult pickleball paddles up until this point, you may find yourself scratching your head as you start shopping, unsure of which paddle to get. The following advice will assist you in making a decision that will allow your children to join you in enjoying pickleball.

Taking Into Account Kids’ Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball paddles abound, but time is scarce. As you delve deeper into the world of junior paddles, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Reducing your options to a few key elements will have a significant impact on your kids’ ability to get used to the game. The following elements should be given top priority:


Pickleball paddles meant for adults are too big for small toddlers to use for play. They might end up learning the game in a really difficult setting if they had enough time and practice, which would make it less enjoyable. Youngsters should use a junior-sized paddle for play since they have smaller hands and shorter arms. Adult paddles are suitable for teenagers, while junior paddles are too small for them. If you invited them to play pickleball with a tiny junior paddle, they might likewise feel offended and ashamed!


Children’s pickleball paddles come in the same three weight classes as adult pickleball paddles. They come in three weight categories: light, medium, and heavy.Especially for novices, you shouldn’t really need to get a heavyweight child’s paddle. These canoes weigh a lot. Later on, when they have more pickleball experience, a child might develop into this.No youngster eight years old or less should use a paddle that weighs more than six ounces. Children between the ages of eight and twelve can use a paddle that is somewhat heavier but still only weighs seven ounces. A toddler should feel secure and at ease batting the paddle around at this weight. They ought to have a sense of control as well. Your child will feel flexible enough to pick up the precise mechanics of pickleball even though they won’t be able to produce a lot of force with a light or midweight pickleball paddle.


The face of the pickleball paddle, or the flat portion that players use to strike the ball, is one of its most crucial components. There are numerous options for face materials, including graphite, wood, and carbon polymer. Before making a purchase, carefully consider how each material will affect the paddle’s appearance and price. Performance is also affected by the face material; even a lightweight paddle can feel heavy and challenging to play with when made of heavier materials.

Depending on the paddle material you choose, additional performance components might be increased or decreased. Pickleball paddles made of fiberglass, for instance, lack a wide sweet spot. This implies that your child will need to master knowing exactly where to smash the ball with the paddle. They will receive a powerful paddle as payment for their sacrifice. It also has an extraordinary rate of return on energy.

Carbon fiber is an additional material to consider for youth paddles. This paddle is a great option for a child’s first pickleball paddle because of its level of control and precision. But keep in mind that carbon fiber lacks power.

Paddles made of graphite offer the best of both worlds. They are perfect for assisting kids in adjusting and tuning themselves to the game because they have a bigger sweet spot than fiberglass paddles. Although not as much as in a fiberglass paddle, their power is nevertheless more than that of a carbon fiber paddle. Even better, a child may learn how to use the extra oomph because the power is steady.


The primary substance, or core, is located inside the paddle face. Core materials range from polypropylene to metal. Children should use the latter, especially the honeycomb core. A paddle’s core is shaped like a honeycomb. To maintain the paddle’s strength and lightweight, some of the cells are purposefully left empty.


When purchasing a pickleball paddle for a child, grip size is yet another important factor to take into account. This is an additional method to describe the paddle’s circumference. A kid’s paddle has to have a grip size that is much smaller than yours. A maximum grip size of four inches is suitable. Smaller children can use a 3.5-inch grip size.


As a parent, this is the aspect that will matter the most to you. The good news is that a child’s pickleball paddle will be less expensive than an adult full-sized paddle because it is generally smaller. Nonetheless, elements like weight, size, brand, and material do matter.

Given that children are typically rougher on all of their belongings, a child’s paddle won’t last as long. That said, this is a fantastic moment to instill in your child the importance of having respect for their possessions.


For kids, this is the best part—deciding on the design of their pickleball paddle! A child’s paddle features more vibrant colors, lively patterns, and imaginatively stimulating designs that are guaranteed to capture their attention, in contrast to adult paddles, which have simpler designs. Using the proper paddle style, you can encourage your youngster to play pickleball. Even if kids would much rather stay inside and play computer games, they might be inspired to start training after seeing their paddle. Encourage your youngster to use their paddle as a means of self-expression by selecting a design that holds special value for them. They might even receive a personalized paddle that precisely captures their preferences and character.

Purchasing a pickleball paddle for a child requires different considerations and attention than purchasing one for an adult. To ensure that your youngster can confidently master the game of pickleball, you must keep their size and weight suitable. One of the most important factors influencing performance is the face option. The youngsters will be the buzz of the pickleball court since they will be preoccupied with choosing the coolest design! Check out Salted City Sports to find out more!

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