The Definitive Escape Room Gift-Giving Guide (2023)


You may be familiar with the live game known as “escape room,” in which players are confined to a room and must find a way out in a set amount of time. It’s hardly surprising that escape rooms have become the preferred gift for thrill-seekers and puzzle fans given their increasing popularity. This comprehensive escape room gift guide for 2023 will help you make sense of the ever-expanding world of immersive experiences, whether you’re trying to surprise a friend, a member of your family, or even yourself. This list of the top presents that will bring hours of fun and difficulty includes both in-person escape room experiences and puzzle kits that can be purchased for your home. 

Physical game Experience: 

Give a real escape room experience as a gift for the ultimate escape room enthusiast. Together, participants can solve puzzles, look for hidden clues, and solve mysteries in a themed environment during these real-life experiences. Look into local escape rooms and select one with engrossing settings and captivating narratives. The pressure to finish the game quickly was increased by the time limit. Whatever your passion, there’s a theme for it, from spy missions to haunted houses. 


Subscription boxes are a great option for people who want the excitement of escape rooms without leaving the comforts of their own homes. A fresh escape room experience is delivered right to the recipient’s home with these monthly or quarterly boxes. These portable escape room boxes are filled with puzzles, codes, and props, offering all the thrills of a traditional escape room. To keep the tasks interesting, look for subscriptions that offer a range of themes and levels of difficulty. 

Mind-bending Puzzle: 

Puzzle games and brainteasers are great options if you’re searching for a present that people can enjoy at any time. For individuals who like to work out puzzles on their own or for travel, these small and lightweight games are ideal. Classic jigsaw puzzles and complex mechanical puzzles requiring dexterity and reasoning are among the options. To cater to a range of ability levels, look for puzzles with diverse complexity levels. To win the game, this keeps the participants occupied and concentrated. And the sense of achievement that results in immense joy. 

Board Games: 

Board games that simulate an escape room provide the thrill and difficulty of an actual escape room experience without leaving the comforts of your own. Players of these immersive games usually have to solve a variety of puzzles, challenges, and clues within a predetermined amount of time. These board games offer an engaging and cooperative experience for players of all ages, from cracking codes to opening secret chambers. Board games that simulate escape rooms come with varying degrees of difficulty and scenarios, providing countless hours of engaging entertainment and mental stimulation. These board games bring the excitement of an escape room straight to your tabletop, whether you’re having a gaming night with friends or looking for a solitary adventure. 

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) escape rooms are becoming a more and more popular gift choice as technology develops. Players are immersed in virtual worlds through these immersive experiences, where they must face difficulties and solve riddles to escape. Virtual reality escape rooms provide a distinctive and lifelike experience that may be had alone or with others. Seek out virtual reality experiences with eye-catching graphics, simple controls, and interesting narratives. 


Escape rooms are a great option for hosting festivities and special events. Numerous escape room locations provide personalised experiences and private reservations to enhance the significance of your event. Escape rooms are an exciting and interactive activity that can be customised to fit any occasion and guarantee an unforgettable experience for all participants, whether you’re organising a birthday party, anniversary celebration, team-building exercise, or a special date night. 


Escape rooms have completely changed the entertainment and gifting industries. There is a gift option for every escape room lover, whether they prefer virtual reality adventures, puzzle games, escape room board games, or physical escape room experiences. Recipients will be enthralled and captivated by this exciting journey that these deep and demanding activities offer. So go ahead and use this comprehensive guide to 2023 to get the ideal escape room present for your loved ones. 

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