How To Leverage Technology for Success When Working From Home


In this modern age, technology allows employees of all stripes to work remotely. This has done wonders for cutting commute time and promoting company flexibility. However, it takes some adjusting to be successful while working from home. Take some time to learn about the technology that can help you achieve your goals, such as an appropriate Google Meet background image.

Look Professional No Matter Where You Are

Don’t let your physical surroundings hinder your presentation. Whether you are at your home office or the local cafe, you can use technology to maintain consistency and a professional image. There are backgrounds, filters, and effects you can use to transform your surroundings into whatever you want.
For example, you can blur the background or choose something different altogether. Find an image of a conference room, a rooftop suite, or even the oaky, home office you always dreamed of. For extra points, look into getting a branded zoom background to show your company pride at all times.

Team Building Activities

Team building activities, such as those provided by Escapely, are essential in remote companies as they contribute to a sense of belonging, stronger relationships, and improved communication among team members. These activities encourage collaboration, boost morale, and cultivate a positive work culture, increasing productivity and higher employee satisfaction in the remote work setting.

Find Creative Ways To Avoid Distractions

While computers are excellent tools for getting work done efficiently, they can also offer up a huge amount of distraction. Social media, messaging apps, and incessant notifications can easily derail an otherwise productive day.

There are a ton of applications developed for these types of technology-based issues. You can lock yourself off of certain sites for a designated amount of time, set timers to break up your day, and mute all irrelevant communication channels. Spend some time researching what’s out there for your specific setup.

Find a Course on Staying Organized and Focused

You may have been an organizational whiz in the office, but if you are new to working from home the same rules don’t apply. You are facing an entirely new set of parameters and challenges. It is immensely beneficial to seek outside help from experts who can set you on the right path.
Luckily, there are many online schools and courses available to professionals for this purpose. You can find courses on organization and productivity while working from home, and take them from the comfort of home! Your company will thank you.

Stay In Synch With Your Team

Especially if you work on a team, collaboration can be a bit more difficult in the digital sphere. Popping back and forth from Zoom meetings, phone calls, emails, and messaging can leave a lot of room for stuff to fall through the cracks. Find a collaboration platform that allows you to communicate, share files, and keep tabs on progress all in one location.

Let Your Calendar Work for You

Virtual calendars are a lot more dynamic than your old, run-of-the-mill wall calendar. Not only can you fill it with your important dates and appointments, but you can set it up to send you reminders, prioritize items, and keep you on task. Not to mention, you can sync with your co-workers, which makes finding a time that works for everyone that much easier.

Don’t let modern technology get the best of you, use it to your advantage as a remote worker. There are many convenient sites to find office backgrounds free, or the applications you need to optimize your workspace. Research your options and reach out to a reputable platform today.

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