What is the syllabus of the XAT 2023 exam ?


Xavier Aptitude test 2023 syllabus is authorized by XLRI Jamshedpur and the topics which are included in this XAT syllabus are Verbal and logical Ability, Decision making, Quantitative Ability and data interpretation and lastly General knowledge. Essay writing has been removed by the authority from XAT 2023 syllabus. So the question paper for the XAT exam will only have the four main sections as mentioned above. The timing for the XAT 2023 is January 8 the paper will be of 3 hours duration (180) minutes. XAT 2023 syllabus has no change in the topics – Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Decision making and Data interpretation. 

Therefore, XAT 2023 syllabus are similar and identical, comprising the same concepts.


Sectional time limit and format of questions for XAT exam 2023


The sectional time limit for Logical, verbal ability Decision making and Data interpretation and Quantitative Ability will be  165 minutes  and General knowledge part will have a sectional time limit of 15 minutes. 

The XAT exam 2023 will have the Questions in MCQ format. 


Overview :XAT 2023 syllabus 


List of  some important topics is given below in the table . Most of the questions are expected from these sections. Students should focus on these topics while preparing  for the XAT 2023 syllabus


XAT 2023 Syllabus Important topics
Decision making  Conditioning, Grouping, Complex Arrangements, Data arrangement, Assumptions, Conclusions, premises etc
Logical and verbal ability Vocabulary, Analogy, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Parajumble, Fill in the blanks, Critical Reasoning etc. 
General knowledge Business, Science, Economy, Static GK, Politics, Prize and award, Sports, Government, Constitution of India, World etc. 
Data interpretation and Quantitative Ability Geometry, Arithmetic, Mensuration, Surds and Indices, Algebra, Bar diagrams, Pie charts, Data interpretation, Tables etc. 


XAT 2023 Syllabus (Section Wise) 


Before the actual preparation for the XAT exam students should understand the XAT 2023 syllabus as well as some important points given below. The highest sectional weightage for the XAT 2023 syllabus that is 28 percent is covered under Data Interpretation and Quantitative Ability.


XAT 2023 Syllabus : Data interpretation and quantitative aptitude 


The DI and QA section for the XAT 2023 syllabus is expected to have some similarities as XAT  syllabus 2022 . In XAT exam  2022 questions asked were  from the topics Coordinate Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic, Time zone, Mixed graph and Data Sufficiency.


  • Total of 28 questions will be from the DI and QA section. 
  • Questions will carry one marks each
  • 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. 



                                               XAT 2023 Syllabus :Data interpretation and quantitative aptitude 

Variation Critical path Inequalities 
Ratio and proportion Probability Logarithms
Profit and loss Tables and Caselets Surds and indices
Percentage Averages and Partnership Linear and Quadratics Equations
Time and work Alligations and Mixtures Mensuration
LCM and HCF Simple and Compound interest Numbers
Time, speed and Distance Algebra Geometry
Data tables  Venn diagram Trigonometry
Graphs Pie charts Data analysis
Pure math Data Charts Bar diagrams


XAT 2023 syllabus : Logical and verbal ability


Some important points for the VA and LA sections are given below. Students should consider  these points while preparing for the XAT 2023 because these were the regulations that were also addressed when the XAT syllabus 2022 was released as well.


  • A total of 26 questions will be asked from this section. 
  • One mark will be awarded for each correct answer
  • 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer
  • In 2022 XAT exam the questions were asked from this topics from this section-

Poem, Analogy, Reading Comprehension, Fill in the blanks, Parajumbles and Antonym. 



                                               XAT 2023 Syllabus : Logical and verbal ability

Jumbled paragraphs Sentence Completion Paragraph Completion
Word usage Fill in the blanks Antonyms and synonyms
Reading Comprehension Contextual Usage of Vocabulary Correction of errors in Sentence


XAT 2023 Syllabus : (DM) Decision making


The syllabus for XAT exam is expected to be the same as XAT syllabus 2022 the difficulty level can vary. Some important points are provided below. Students should keep this point in mind while preparing for the XAT 2023 syllabus for the XAT exam


  • 21 questions will be from this section(DM) 
  • Student will be awarded one mark for each, correct answer
  • 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer



                                               XAT 2023 Syllabus : Decision making

Data arrangement Caselets Decision making
Analytical reasoning Assumptions Complex Arrangement
Situations Logical Reasoning Conditions and Grouping


XAT 2023 syllabus : General knowledge


The topics from the general knowledge section and some important points related to this section are provided below . Students should consider these points during the preparation of the XAT exam .

  • A total of 25 question will be from General knowledge section 
  • There is no change for the General knowledge section for 2023 XAT exam
  • One mark will be awarded for each correct answer with no negative marking for this section
  • In the previous XAT exam that is 2022 exam question were mainly from the sections Geography, Economy and business, Personality and awards, History, Science and technology and lastly Current affairs  

                                        XAT 2023 Syllabus:General knowledge

Business and politics Constitution of India Current affairs
Government and Economy World events Personalities
Awards and winners History and Geography Static GK


XAT exam syllabus 2022 VS XAT 2023 syllabus

The XAT exam syllabus 2022 when compared with XAT 2023 syllabus makes it evident that there are nearly no differences between the same. The section and the structure in XAT exam syllabus 2022 and XAT 2023 syllabus are relatable and in congruence with each other.

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