Home Remedies to Reduce Bloating During Menopause


Nothing is more annoying than feeling like a balloon that is about to pop while you’re going on with your day, especially when you’ve been tackling tasks with whatever energy you can muster during your menopause days. This feeling of fullness is bloating, one of the most common symptoms during menopause. Even though there are menopause supplements and tablets for bloating to help with it, you can also try out a few simple home remedies to find relief from this highly uncomfortable change in your body, and we’ve listed a few of these below:

Drink more water: 

The simplest and most effective way to handle bloating is to drink enough water. This will help you flush out those toxins and those extra fluids that make you swell up. Cutting off on caffeine and other substances that can cause dehydration will also make you retain water better and properly.

Herbal drinks: 

You can add herbal teas like chamomile, dandelion, and green tea into your menopausal life and these help soothe your digestive system and reduce bloating. These teas have antioxidants and such that give better digestion and relief from the discomfort caused by bloating. Peppermint tea is one of the best choices for this as it can naturally relax the digestive tract muscles which helps to reduce bloating and gas.

Exercise regularly:

It is important to keep moving your body through your menopausal days especially to reduce bloating. All you need to do is light yoga or simple walks and these will lower your stress levels, which in turn will influence your hormones and your digestion.

Eating smart: 

Again, back to the simplest things like drinking enough water- eating well. Make sure to include fiber-rich foods like fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, nuts, and seeds, and if you are new to them you have to slowly incorporate them into your meal plan, or else these can also cause extra bloating. Food like ginger and fennel seeds are household names for bloating and gut related issues so keep them close as well.

Your menopausal body needs extra nutrients and care and probiotics with its healthy bacteria will keep your gut health in check. It would be really good to have yogurts and such stocked in your fridge regularly! For some people foods like dairy products, fatty foods, and pulses can cause bloating as well, so make sure to reduce them in your food habits. You have to be really mindful of what you eat so as to figure out what works for you. Tablets for bloating could also take away a lot of discomfort caused in your gut and you can make them a regular in your diet.

Remember that even though these home remedies can work wonders, there’s a chance that these might not be enough to deal with bloating at times. So it is advised to consult your doctor if it persists and take menopause supplements that can help with reducing bloating. You can check out Menoveda’s Bloat tablets for bloating that are enriched with ayurvedic goodness for making your menopausal lives easier. So next time you feel bloated, try these simple remedies and enjoy this new phase of life!

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