Board Kings Free Rolls: Roll Your Way to Fun and Fortune


If you are a fan of board games and enjoy the thrill of rolling the dice, then you are in for a treat with “Board Kings Free Rolls.” This popular mobile game combines the excitement of traditional board games with a modern twist, and the best part is, you can access free rolls to keep the fun going without spending a dime.

What are Board Kings Free Rolls?

Board Kings is a virtual board game where players can roll the dice, travel around the board, and collect various rewards and resources. The game’s currency is rolls, which allow players to move on the board and explore different locations. Free rolls are a valuable resource that players can use to keep playing the game without having to wait for the roll timer to replenish or without purchasing rolls with real money.

How to Get Board Kings Free Rolls?

Playing Daily Challenges

One of the primary ways to earn free rolls is by participating in daily challenges. Every day, the game offers a set of challenges that players can complete to earn rewards, including free rolls. Completing these challenges not only keeps the game engaging but also helps in accumulating free rolls quickly.

Completing Quests and Missions

Board Kings features a range of quests and missions for players to undertake. By completing these missions, players can earn various rewards, including free rolls. These quests often involve achieving specific milestones, landing on specific tiles, or visiting designated locations on the board.

Inviting Friends

Board Kings encourages social interaction among players. By inviting friends to join the game, you can earn free rolls as a referral bonus. Additionally, you can send and receive rolls from your friends, making it a mutually beneficial feature.

Watching Advertisements

Another way to earn free rolls is by watching short advertisements within the game. Many games, including Board Kings, offer players the option to watch ads in exchange for rewards. By dedicating a few seconds to these ads, players can earn free rolls, making it a convenient and non-intrusive method.

Participating in Events

Board Kings frequently hosts special events and promotions. During these events, players can participate in various activities to win free rolls and other exciting rewards. Keeping an eye on the in-game event calendar allows you to make the most of these opportunities.

Tips to Maximize Free Rolls

To make the most of your free rolls and progress swiftly in Board Kings, consider the following tips:

Timing is Key

Using your rolls at the right time can significantly impact your progress. Save your rolls for moments when you can make the most significant advancements on the board or when you have a higher chance of landing on valuable tiles.

Utilize Bonuses Wisely

Board Kings often provides bonuses that can multiply your rewards. Make sure to use your free rolls during these bonus periods to maximize your gains.

Strategize Your Rolls

Plan your moves strategically. Think ahead and consider the possible outcomes of each roll to make decisions that align with your objectives in the game.

Board Kings Free Rolls vs. Purchased Rolls

While free rolls are an excellent way to enjoy the game without spending money, players also have the option to purchase rolls with real money. Here’s a comparison of the two options:

Pros of Free Rolls

  • No cost involved
  • Easily accessible through various in-game activities
  • Allows continuous gameplay without interruptions

Pros of Purchased Rolls

  • Instant access to rolls
  • Suitable for players who want to progress quickly
  • Can be used in conjunction with free rolls for a more enjoyable experience


How many free rolls can I get in a day?

The number of free rolls you can earn in a day varies depending on the in-game activities you participate in. By completing challenges and quests, you can collect a considerable number of free rolls daily.

Can I trade free rolls with other players?

Currently, the game does not support direct trading of free rolls between players.

Are there any time-limited free rolls?
Some events and promotions may offer time-limited free rolls. Make sure to check the event calendar regularly to make the most of these opportunities.

Can I use free rolls on any board?
Yes, free rolls can be used on any board within the game.

What happens if I don’t use my free rolls for a day?
Unused free rolls do not carry over to the next day. It is recommended to use them daily to maximize your rewards and progress in the game.

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Board Kings Free Rolls offer an exciting opportunity for players to indulge in the game without any financial commitment. By participating in daily challenges, completing quests, inviting friends, watching advertisements, and participating in events, players can accumulate free rolls to keep the fun rolling. Remember to strategize your moves, utilize bonuses wisely, and make the most of both free rolls and purchased rolls for a rewarding gaming experience.


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