What Expertise Should Your Drupal Web Developer Have?

secure drupal hosting
secure drupal hosting

Drupal web developer – To realize your dream of having a powerful Drupal website or app, you need to make sure your product is well built alongside the fast Drupal hosting. So be it the freelance developer or the development company, your choice will impact your end product. Need help in selecting a developer for your website or app?

Read through this essential skillset of the Drupal web developer and be informed of the Drupal development. Lastly, shortlist your Drupal candidature and grab a Successfully built Drupal product. 

Adequate Foundational Expertise 

Individuals with solid ground foundations can better handle web products. Be it the development, testing, or bug identification and handling.

So your hired developer should have a good command of the basic programming and coding languages. For instance, it can be PHP and PHP Frameworks, MySQL, and JQuery. Why? When it comes to Drupal, PHP (the programming language) supplies the logic, and MySQL provides the database, to begin with.

However, in-depth, it is because Drupal also has PHP at its base. It is written in it just like many other CMSs. So, Drupal 7, Drupal 8, and even working with Drupal 9 need PHP knowledge.

As Drupal 9 requires PHP 7.3 or higher. So the developer should be well aware of the PHP and PHP frameworks.

Similarly, to set up the Drupal database and other customizations in Drupal development, the efficiency of understanding and handling MySQL and JQuery will be optimum.

Comprehensive Know-how of Drupal Security

Regardless of the type of platform and web product, security is significant on the internet. That being said, fast Drupal Hosting provides excellent security. However, no matter how efficient the platform is, the loopholes left can easily make the product vulnerable to security threats.

So we can say it boils down to the fact that the developer should be capable and must have pretty good skills to carve the security at its best. 

For instance, maintain the basic to external security measures timely. It can include installing and updating the Drupal modules, setting up firewalls, installing security patching, DDoS protection, and more.

The Expertise in Drupal Theme Development

Alongside the content and functionality, the design holds the most power. That can retain the users on the website and convert them into customers. Thus, the Drupal website isn’t something to take lightly.

So the developer must have excellent knowledge and grasp of UI/UX design to make your site appearance meet your and your web visitors’ expectations.

You might be wondering if Drupal offers various themes. To be precise, more than 2,000 and anyone can easily choose themes of their choice. So why do we add Drupal Theme Development to the skillset of the Drupal web Developer? Well, balancing the appropriate theming and uniqueness is also essential for online success.

For this reason, the developer should be highly skilled in customization and theme development. So your website’s uniqueness makes your business stand above the crowd and reaps the benefits in the long run.

Experience with existing and custom Drupal Modules

You might have heard a lot about plugins. However, regarding Secure Drupal Hosting, the term changes to modules. Modules are the swiftest and easiest way to fuse a wide range of functionalities into the website and customize it according to the users’ needs.

For instance, it can be third-party services, tools, and features from exporting content to marketing automation. So, of course, the skills related to modules are next in line. 

For the most part, understanding, commanding, and installation of the different types of modules, including core and contributed modules, can do. To name a few categories will be the module for Views, Panels, and cTools module.

The above can be sufficient. Likewise, with themes, you can quickly get your desired functionality and module from over 30,000 Drupal modules (approx. current existing).

However, your website or business can call for a unique module to cope with the need. So you should surely give top priority to the developers that can customize and develop the modules themselves. 

Expertise in Debugging & Updating the Drupal Products 

Last in the skillset for the Drupal web developer, but definitely not least, is the capability of identifying the bugs in the Drupal code. Recognizing the bugs during and after writing the code and effectively debugging them isn’t a cakewalk, even for the Drupal developers who wrote the code.

However, doing so can save many potential hassles and time. So it is one of the critical skills required for refined Drupal development. Similarly, developing the product and maintaining it after the development and launching is also a part of the skills.

Many users that aren’t tech geeks need help with their website updates and maintenance. So debugging & updating expertise can be valuable in such stances.

To Wrap Up! 

Hiring a skilled Drupal developer is undoubtedly necessary to get a functional website. However, choosing Drupal hosting for a website is another must-have that you should never miss.

Wondering why? With Drupal hosting, you can get a pre-optimized server with a lot of resources that support your website working in the online space.

Navicosoft brings forth affordable Drupal hosting suitable and customizable for websites and apps of all sizes. Further, all plans include completely optimized modules, premium hardware, 99.99% Uptime, and 24/7 technical support.

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