Top 4 Malay Food in Johor Bahru (Malaysia)


All Halal food lovers, get ready! Johor Bahru offers great Malaysian food. We are certain that Johor Bahru will have many Halal-certified restaurants that offer great Malay traditional cuisine. These Malaysian delicacies can be hard to resist. We bet you wouldn’t dare to resist these local Malaysian delicacies. Here are some Halal restaurants that SGMYTRIPS recommends for the best Malay food Johor Bahru.

  1. Sedap Corner JB

Our list of Johor Bahru malay restaurants starts with Sedap Corner JB. Everything “sedap”, just like its name, is made in this area of Johor Bahru. Sedap Corner is a popular spot for traditional and gastronomical Asian cuisine. It has been located at the southern tip on the Malay Peninsula, since 1987. Sedap Corner offers a unique culinary and epicurean experience in the region, as well as halal cuisine. The Head Quarter at Sedap Corner is located on Jalan Abdul Samad. It has a capacity for 100+ people in the main dining area, and 30 at the upstairs.

Sedap Corner is proud to make the best Malaysian delights by using traditional family recipes that have been passed down over the years. This preserves the unique local flavor and heritage of Malaysia’s great culinary heritage. Sedap Corner is known for its famous dishes, such as Baked Cheese Rice with Chicken and Pandan Chicken, BBQ Stingray, Sedap Corner Fried Chicken, and BBQ Stingray. If dining in isn’t enough, guests have the option to take home the chef’s special kaya spread, cookies, and cakes for their loved ones. The area offers free parking. A spacious mezzanine is available above the restaurant at Sedap Corner for events. Sedap Corner makes a great place to eat out with the family. Sedap Corner offers a variety of Asian cuisines, including Thai and local dishes. They also offer western cuisine. Sedap Corner is the place to go if you’re looking for Asian cuisine. It is located right at JB City Square, making it easy to find.

  1. Restoran Anisofea

Restoran Anisofea can be found in a small shop lot right across from Sultan Ismail Hospital. Restoran Anisofea’s tables and chairs are well-arranged. They are placed close together, neat and clean. The decoration in Restaurant Anisofea has a minimalist and basic style. Datin Hajah Salbiah, bt HjHarun is the proud owner of the Restoran Anisofea’s 5 year-old asam pedas recipe. Her gravy recipe for the Anisofea is homemade using fresh ingredients such as chili, ginger and garlic.

Restoran Anisofea’s most famous dish is Asam Pedas Kepala Ikan Merah. Restoran Anisofea’s fish is always fresh from a trusted supplier. Soupy asam pedas gravy has a mild mix of sweet, salty, spicy, and tangy flavours.Restoran Anisofea serves more traditional Malay dishes than their asam pedas. To name a few, there are laksa Johor, lontong, nasi lemak kukus and nasi briyani. Signature Tempe Goreng Berempah, a fried fermented soy beans cake with herbs and spices, is one of Restaurant Anisofea’s most popular dishes. Restoran Anisofe has the best asam pedas in Johor Bahru.

  1. Restaurant Sri Bayu Perdana

Next, Restaurant Sri Bayu Perdana should be on your list of must-visit Malay restaurants in Johor Bahru. Restaurant Sri Bayu Perdana’s mixed rice is a well-known specialty. Restaurant Sri Bayu Perdana’s variety of Nasi Padang dishes will make it difficult to choose. Since 2000, this restaurant has been open. Every Monday through Friday, Restaurant Sri Bayu Perdana is open at 6.30 am. You can choose from more than 20 different dishes, including ‘ikan bang’, ‘ayam bakar’ and ‘tempe gereng’. Restaurant Sri Bayu Perdana’s prices are very reasonable. You will definitely return for their delicious food.

  1. Warung Pokok Ceri

Here are some other malay restaurants in Johor Bahru you should try. Warung Pokok Ceri, literally “the stall beneath the Cherry Tree”, is hidden behind the Jalan Duke clump of short-leaf trees and scrubs. It is easy to miss if you don’t know where to look. Right across Jalan Duke is Warung Pokok Ceri, which is Persada Johor’s convention centre. This pretty building is worth noticing. Warung Pokok Ceri, a popular place to eat lunch for those who live in the area, is also a popular spot. The customers enjoy dining under colourful umbrellas and small leafy trees. However, it can get quite hot.

Warung Pokok Ceri offers a variety of freshly prepared dishes, all neatly presented on trays. It is best to arrive slightly before noon so you are not crowded with people eating lunch. You can also find many other traditional Malay dishes here. Warung Pokok Ceri boasts a large ulam section. Ulam is a Malay form of salad that uses a variety fresh local vegetables like petai, cucumbers, and egg plants. These crunchy local vegetables can be eaten with spicy or savoury dips like sambal. Warung Pokok Ceri serves a variety of sweet and traditional desserts as well as rice, meat, fish, and vegetable dishes. Warung Pokok Ceri is a great place to visit if you live in the area, or if your goal is to eat locally.

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