Tips To Use Rugs And Carpets To Make Your Home Look Spacious


People look for ways to make their homes look spacious. No matter the size of your home, a carpet or rug can make it look spacious. Decorating your floor can add a pleasant look to your home. Make your home look enchanting with the proper use of carpets and rugs. Add character and style to your living room with the right mats and carpets. Buy rugs and carpets online at Wakefit, where you can find a wide variety of collections that spruce up the look of your home. It is an excellent functional element that creates an illusion of space and makes your room look more spacious than it is. If you are running out of ideas to style your floor space with carpets or rugs, here are some amazing tips that would be useful to style your floor space.

Understanding the Difference Between Carpet and Rug

Before you decide to style your home with a carpet or rug, you must be aware of the difference between the two. Carpets and rugs are not the same. Carpets are usually big and fixed from wall to wall. It is quite difficult to move a carpet from one place to another. A rug is small and covers a small floor space. It can be moved easily. Using a carpet for your entire room opens up the space and makes the room look spacious. This also gives you a feeling of continuity in your home. Choose between the two based on your needs and personal preferences.

Pick the Right Size

The size of your carpet or rug matters a lot. It affects the look of your room. Make sure you have the right perception of the room to choose the perfect carpet or rug. Buy rugs and carpets online of the right size by measuring the size of the room. Take into consideration the furniture in the room when buying the right-sized carpet for your room. The proportion of the carpet rug must match your room size. For a better impact, choose a bigger rug for your dining space that covers the entire floor area. This helps to achieve the goal of making your room look spacious. When you buy a rug to cover a room, make sure that you leave the edges uncovered. This makes your room look a little larger.

Go for Light Colours

The choice of colour of your carpet or rug determines how the room reflects light into your room. This determines how your room looks. Make use of soft and light-coloured carpets for a stylish look. Try out pastel shades like camel, beige, caramel, etc. to make your home look modern. Neutral colour choices never go out of style. The black and white combination is timeless when it comes to the colour of the carpet. Be careful when choosing the right colour, as maintenance becomes easier with the right carpet colour. Spruce up the look of your verandah with a bold-coloured rug. It is also a great idea to match the carpet colour with your wall colour.

Choose a Pattern Based on your Room Size

The pattern of the carpet determines how spacious or crowded your room looks. Scale the pattern size based on your room size. It is a simple rule that many of you would follow small prints for smaller rooms and big-sized patterns for larger rooms. This rule does not work in all conditions. You can go for larger prints with less furniture to create a spacious room. When you have a room with lots of furniture, it is perfect to go for carpets with smaller prints. Decide on the pattern based on the layout of your room. If you are styling your medium-sized room with bedroom rugs, then go for a striped pattern. This expands your room as well.

Style your Rugs Right

A rug design can transform the look and ambience of your room. Make sure you style your rug based on the layout and other decor.

  • Go for larger living room rugs. This opens up the room and makes the living room more spacious.
  • Use multiple smaller rugs to define multiple seating areas in a large living room. Add a vibrant rough in between to define the seating areas.
  • Prefer using smaller bedroom rugs if the floor space is limited.
  • Make your hallways look visually big with bold pattern rugs.
  • It would look great if you used a rug that matches the shape of the table.
  • When using multiple rugs, make sure that each rug complements the other. This would add a sense of harmony to your room.

Pick Carpets and Rugs of the Right Thickness

The thickness of the carpet and rug greatly influences the style and look of your room. Choose the thickness based on your personal preference. A thin carpet or rug would be a perfect choice to add a touch of style to your room. Placing a thick carpet or rug makes your room look more cluttered. Check for thickness when you buy rugs online.

Make the Right Choice of Material

The material choice is quite important when you buy a carpet or rug for your home. A woollen rug makes the space cosy and comfortable. It is great to use it in your bedroom for a better ambience. Cotton rugs are the right choice for your compact living room.

Use Rugs for An Open-plan Home

An open-layout home or living room requires functional dividers to define the space. A floor rug is an excellent choice to divide your open living room. Use a rug with heavy patterns at the entrance for a better impression. A transitional rug is the best for defining your dining space.

Never worry if your space is compact or cluttered. You would be for sure inspired by the creative styling ideas. The above tips would help you style your home and make it look great with carpets and rugs. Follow the carpet styling ideas and make your home look spacious.

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