Things to Do in Mumbai During Christmas


Our favorite holiday season is here, signifying it’s time to start decorating Christmas trees, exchanging gifts, visiting midnight mass, listening to Christmas carols, munching on freshly baked cookies, sipping mulled wine, and binge-watching Christmas movies. Christmas celebrations in Mumbai have gotten off to a quick start, and the vibe is very joyful.

Every traveler should visit Mumbai, known as the “city that never sleeps” at least once during Christmas. It is the best time to pack your bags and embark on a journey to this city of dreams as the happiest time of the year draws near. Mumbai has a lot to offer visitors regarding events, cuisine, and nightlife, in addition to having some of the most well-known tourist destinations in India, especially around Christmas!

Things to do in Mumbai for Christmas Fun

  • Go Shopping

The holiday excitement is also strewn throughout Bandra’s shopping alleyways. All during the event, Santa hats, lights, and Christmas decor will be for sale. To get your family in the festive mood, some fantastic Christmas gifts are available at Crawford Market and the markets next to Dadar station.

  • Explore Christmas Carnival at Imagicaa

Celebrate the biggest Christmas carnival and let the Christmas spirit permeate your mind as Imagicaa strives to make it a December to Remember with appropriate Christmassy and snow-laden décor, food, and entertaining activities.

Imagicaa and the Novotel Imagicaa offer a dual package for the ideal Christmas holidays. The two properties are situated on over 200 acres of land and are surrounded by the picturesque Sahyadri range. Additionally, the amusement park hosts special acts over the holiday season.

Enjoy the holiday spirit with must-hear traditional tunes, eye-catching décor, and shimmering lights while riding exhilarating rides and watching themed shows. Participate in some ‘cool,’ enjoyable activities with your loved ones, such as a snowball battle or snowman building, or even better, leave them a special note at the Wishing tree.

There is something for everyone at Imagicaa theme park. From Unique attractions, for the the first time in India, IndoorAC rides like Deep Space & Rajasaurus, thematic experiences like Mr. India & I for India, outdoor roller coasters & rides  to shopping & lounge areas.

Book tickets now to get an amazing offer for a Christmas party in Mumbai!

  • Visit Marine Drive

The Queen’s Necklace, popularly known as Marine Drive, is one of Mumbai’s most iconic landmarks. The Arabian Sea’s arc-shaped bay-side boulevard in South Mumbai is undoubtedly ideal for leisurely walks and stunning sunsets. It is a popular hangout for Mumbai residents and a popular tourist destination. When you leave your Mumbai hotel, visit this hotspot for stunning views of the city’s skyline.

In the evening, when it is crowded with people and hawkers of fast food, Marine Drive takes on a life of its own. To experience this area’s more tranquil side, make plans for the early morning when joggers are most active. Mumbai’s Marine Drive’s main attractions include the following:

  • Enjoy a sunset
  • Experience the evening breeze by strolling around.
  • Visit the area’s numerous Art Deco monuments.
  • Try some of Mumbai’s delectable street food near the promenade and Chowpatty.
  • Get good pictures.

You can always plan a trip to Marine Drive with your beloved if you seek wonderful moments in Mumbai. There, you may lose yourself in each other’s companionship. So dash ahead and take a leisurely trip to the Queen’s Necklace in the City of Dreams.

  • Attend Midnight Masses

There is a vibrant Catholic community spread throughout this metropolis. In light of this, attending the numerous churches lit up for midnight mass on Christmas Eve is highly recommended.

In honor of Mount Mary’s Basilica Church, Bandra holds its annual Mount Mary Fair during winter. The most well-liked midnight mass in Mumbai is held here. This church, which has a view of the Bandra Bandstand, starts the Christmas songs, making them clear to everyone. Another church, the ever-so-beautiful Saint Peter’s Church, is hosting yet another well-attended midnight mass in Bandra, constructed in the alluring Romanesque style.

  • Snap Up Christmas Gifts

Christmas is all about sharing happiness, joy, and good feelings. So, what’s a better way to make it happen than by giving friends, family, and friends of friends a thoughtful gift? Also, remember the Christmas Secret Santa ritual at work! We trust these gift shops throughout Mumbai to give our loved ones gifts, from unique stationery options to combo packs and other cute stuff. If you are looking for a memorable and exciting gift idea as a christmas gift go for Imagicaa gift card! Your pals can eat from a range of restaurants, buy products from their store, and use the gift card at Aquamagica. Sounds like the ideal present for Christmas!

Wrapping Up!

Start a cheerful celebration while being greeted by a flash mob. Looking for a Christmas party in Mumbai with friends and family? Imagicaa is a year-round vacation spot, and you can schedule your visit for any day of the year that is most suitable for you. So this festive season, the Imagicaa Christmas carnival celebration is a must-see to cross off your bucket list. Remember to take pictures of your children’s expressions of joy and thankfulness when they receive their unique gifts of love. It will undoubtedly be hailed as Mumbai’s most exciting and enjoyable Christmas party!

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