Things To Do Before You Hire A DUI Lawyer?


Drunk driving is so common everywhere, but it shouldn’t be encouraged. The majority of road accidents are caused by careless and drunk driving, which not only harms others but the driver as well. 

There could be a number of misfortunes, from car vehicle destruction to bodily injuries and even deaths. The cops on duty make sure these accidents occur less by testing the drivers with an alcohol tool kit to make sure they are not drunk driving. 

Did You Get Pulled Over Recently?

Sometimes it so happens that you get pulled over for no reason, and later you are accused of DUI (Driving Under the Influence). Of course, no one likes being falsely accused of something as it can run their life. 

You can hire DUI defense attorneys to help you with the legal proceedings in such cases. Here’s what you can do before hiring a DUI lawyer:

Be Honest With Yourself About The Circumstances: Every country has different DUI laws that consider drivers “intoxicated” if their blood alcohol concentration is higher than the normal rate. 

The officers in charge may charge you for violating more than one law to complicate things further and make it worse for you. However, you must be content and deny all the accusations before your lawyer comes to rescue you. 

Don’t Try To Represent Yourself: You have the right to represent yourself and say whatever you want to navigate the case in your favor, but it’s not really a good idea. It’s because you might not be thorough with legal skills, knowledge, and what can be used against you. 

Even the judges might get impatient if you represent yourself. Wait for your DUI defense attorney to represent you in court. 

Rethink About Public Defenders: The defendants have the right to hire lawyers of their own, and if they can’t afford one, a DUI lawyer will be appointed to them. Public defense lawyers have enough skills and knowledge as private lawyers, but will they give their hundred percent? They are, of course, free of charge, but you will also have to think if you will win the case.

Make A List Of Potential Candidates: Your hunt for lawyers begins as soon as you are accused of DUI. Trying to find them in places like ads, online, and referrals is an excellent place to start from. 

However, you should go beyond that and ask for personal recommendations from friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. Once you have listed some of the best lawyers, zero down to one of them who seems right for fighting your case.
Make Use Of Free Consultation: DUI laws are complicated, sometimes making it difficult for defendants to understand. Since every case is unique, the laws and facts can vary drastically from situation to situation.

Sometimes the attorneys offer free consultations and advice to their potential clients. An interview on a phone call can be a good start, but you must be mindful and able to use them in your favor.


It’s common not to know and understand DUI laws and how to move to eliminate the accusations. You should follow the above-mentioned tips during the initial stages of your legal procedures. After that, you can hire a DUI defense attorney.  

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