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A batsman may feel dizzy from a quick delivery even before they recognise it. There is no finer sight than a fast bowler sensing blood. Yes, it is important to see batsmen smash the ball all over the ground. Well, who can forget the West Indies fast bowlers during their heyday in the 1980s? Let us have an idea about the top 10 fastest bowlers in the world who are feared by the opposition. There is no better sight in world cricket than a fast bowler smacking in a batsman on their helmet. But one thing is for sure it is an art and a degree of perfection is to achieved. Checkout t 20 world cup news to grab the latest updates about these players.

There are around 2 billion cricket fans in the world. When playing a game of cricket, both the batsman and the bowlers are very important. The delight of a good batsman is on the viewers. It is undeniable that a quick bowler has a significant impact on cricket matches. Based on the most recent statistics, the list below has been compiled. Here is a list of the cricket players with the fastest bowling speeds.

Umesh Yadav- (Clocked 146.6 Kph Vs Sri Lanka)

India’s right arm bowlers are among the fastest bowlers the nation has ever produced. His average speed of 138.7 km/h, which puts him on par with Wahab Riaz among the world’s fastest, makes him the fastest bowl. At 146.6 kilometres per hour, his fastest delivery impressed the opposition, and he took two significant wickets in this test match.

KG Rabada Vs England at 147.7 Kph

Even though KG Rabada is only 22 years old, he is among the world’s fastest bowlers. His typical speed is around 138 kph, but during a game versus England, it reached a high of 147 kph. The record was set during the third test against England and is currently in the same pace category as Bumrah. He went on to take 4 wickets in this game, which was contested at the oval ground.

Adam Milne Vs Bangladesh (At 147.7 kph)

He is thought to be one of New Zealand’s most important players. His incredible speed places him in the top 10 fast bowlers with an average speed of 137 kph. On June 9, 2017, he pushed the record to 147.7 kph during a game. Bangladesh’s team was required to handle the majority of the delivery. In this game, he was successful in getting a wicket.

Jasprit Bumrah (Vs Pakistan at 148.1 kph)

On June 17, 2017, an Oval Champions Trophy match pitted India and Pakistan against one another. Jasprit Bumrah then went on to record the quickest delivery, doing it at 148.1 kph. He bowls at 138 kph, which is faster than the majority of bowlers now playing cricket. One of the talking points of that game was this incredible accomplishment. Despite not getting a wicket in this game thanks to his spell.

Shannon Gabriel Vs Pakistan at 148.2 kph

The West Indies player is regarded as a crucial component of their fast-bowling squad. He is one of the nation’s most beautiful bowlers. He is a force to be reckoned with, and he narrowly missed making the top 10 fastest bowlers. He went on to record a delivery at 148.2 kph during the second test against Pakistan in 2017. He went on to take a few more wickets during the game.

Tymal Mills Vs India at 149.kph

At just 25 years old, Tymal Mills has already broken a number of milestones that are difficult to match. He went on to deliver a ball at 149 kph, which is based on the top speed reached, among the current generation of cricketers. Although his average pace may be around 131.5 kph, this remarkable performance was accomplished in Bangalore, India, in 2017. He went on to take a wicket in the T-20 match between the two teams.

Pat Cummins- (Vs England at 149.2 kph)

Australia’s all-rounder and fast bowler serves as the team’s current captain. He holds a number of world records, including the fastest average bowling speed at 143.3 kph. Second, he later made the fastest delivery, doing it at 149.2 kph. In a Champions Trophy match played in June 2017, England’s opponents. He would be at the top of the leaderboard with just 0.4 kph more.

Wahab Riaz(Vs India at 149.6 kph)

The Pakistani speedster is only 32 years old. He then made the second-fastest delivery, doing it at 149.6 kph. On June 4th, the incident happened during a Champions Trophy game. People were in awe of this delivery, which came against their bitter adversary India. At 138.7 kph, he has one of the highest average bowling speeds among all bowlers. He went on to grab a few wickets in this game.

Mitchell Starc vs England at 160.4 kph

When it comes to the world’s playing quickest bowlers right now, the Australian bowler is right up there. He only misses out on first place by 0.1 kph thanks to an incredible 143.2 kph. During a game against New Zealand, he went on to make one of his quickest deliveries. It happened once again during a Champions Trophy match. He was not only a lightning-quick bowler but also managed to take a wicket throughout this match.

This brings to a close the list of the top 10 cricket bowlers in terms of speed. The best part about these bowlers is that it is not only about speed but the accuracy levels are of the utmost standard.  Coupled with the fact that they are not bound to suffer from any form of injuries. Another feature of the respective boards is that they have gone on to realize that fast bowling is an art and they are given proper breaks to these bowlers. The bowlers themselves are restricting them to specific formats. An example in this regard is that a few Australian bowlers do not play the IPL to preserve their body and fitness on all counts.

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