Suffering From Neck Pain? Try these Exercises and Stretches 


The tightness and discomfort in the neck have become a common affair and there are many reasons behind the same. Poor sleep quality, lack of physical activity, extended time over the screen directly contribute to immense pain in the neck.

Other reasons that lead to neck pain include abnormalities in the bones and joints, degenerative diseases, trauma, poor posture, tumors, muscle strains, etc. 

Neck pain must not be taken lightly. When neck, chest, and upper back muscles become weak, the shoulders also get affected. It further leads to many other problems and may as well affect your spine. Neck pain treatment is very much possible. You can visit your doctor and seek suitable treatment to solve the problem. 

Apart from prescribing medicines to kill the tingling pain, your doctor will also suggest some neck stretching and exercises. Listed below are the common exercises that you may have to perform to treat neck pain. 

Seated Clasped Neck Stretch: 

You can begin with sitting comfortably on the floor. You can also use a chair to perform this movement. Align your body and clasp your hands together to bring your palms towards the back of the head. Now, press your hands in the direction of your thighs while tucking your chin on the chest. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. Repeat. 


Upper Trapezius Stretch: 

Apart from benefitting your neck, this stretching exercise also helps to stretch your back and spine. Stand tall and place one of the hands on your lower back. Place the other hand on the opposite side of the head. Start pulling your head towards the shoulder. Look straight such that you feel a stretch in your neck. Hold this pose for 30-40 seconds. Repeat. 


This stretching exercise has many benefits. Apart from treating your neck pain, it also works well for the lower body. Bridge is an excellent exercise if you want to tone your glutes. The process is simple. Lie facing upward and with your knees bent. Put your feet hip-width apart. Lift your hips from the floor after pressing your palms and feet. You must clasp your hands below the pelvis. This movement engages your core. Hold the pose for 5 seconds. Go back to the original position. Repeat. 

If you perform this movement regularly, it will help your neck stay in a neutral position. 

Corner Stretch: 

Corner stretch may be a basic exercise; however, essential for stretching your neck, chest, and shoulder muscles. You can even perform this movement in any corner of your room. Stand two feet back from the corner such that you are facing it. Put your feet together and place your forearms on each wall. Try to lean in as far as possible. You will instantly feel a good stretch on your upper body. 

Chin Tuck: 

Chin tuck happens to be one of the most effective exercises in treating all types of neck pain. This movement helps to strengthen the muscles pulling the head back into alignment over your shoulders. Alongside this, it also stretches suboccipital and scalene muscles. 

If you are performing this movement for the first time, ensure to stand with your spine up against the door jamb. Put your feet 3 inches away from its bottom. Pull the upper back and head backward such that it touches the door jamb. Do not move your head and hold the position for 5 seconds. Repeat. 



To keep neck pain at bay, it is essential to engage in any physical activity. Neck stretching and exercises help to relieve tension from your neck and the nearby muscles. These movements also improve your posture and flexibility. Start performing these exercises regularly for the best results. 



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