Sportswear for comfort and style!


It is important to feel relaxed and breathe akitextiles easily when playing sports. For this, you need to wear the right clothes and have the right accessories. You need skill, skill and confidence to win the game. If you feel good about yourself, you will definitely give it your best shot.

Sometimes, no matter how much talent you have, you can’t give your best because you don’t have the right equipment. Whether you’re playing cricket or rugby, defense is important. Table tennis clothing should be loose and comfortable to allow you to move freely. You need to swing in all directions to hit the ball. To do this, you need to jump and move quickly. Some people like to wear team jerseys if they represent a particular club and play against other rivals of the club. It also boosts team spirit.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are, it’s important to feel comfortable. 

Imagine if you wore a pair of shorts while playing in a match, it would be embarrassing. To avoid this, you need to buy branded sportswear, they are not cheap. If not a brand, at least choose something that makes you feel comfortable.

A good table tennis outfit is shoes, top or shirt, shorts for men, split skirt for women, monogrammed jacket, etc. To make it look more stylish and sporty, you can use bracelets and hats. You can customize your outfit by putting your team or club name on the back of the t-shirt. Customize them according to your needs!

Sportswear has grown rapidly over the years and with new innovations and trends, team wear in South Africa will continue to evolve. New lightweight fabrics with extra reinforcements allow athletes to perform without discomfort.

It’s incredible to think that tennis players in the 1920s had to play their top-flight matches in long skirts and trousers, or that the best golfers of the day still played a tee or two in tight, form-fitting jackets. !

From wool to synthetics

You only have to compare the two swimming giants to see just how far sportswear has evolved. 1920 world champion Johnny Weissmuller won 5 Olympic gold medals and a bronze medal in a heavy, water-absorbing wool full suit, while current legend Michael Phelps won 14 gold medals in a spandex suit.

The introduction of synthetic materials has really changed the look and feel of sportswear, and if you look closely at most of the sportswear we wear today, spandex has had the biggest impact.


Also called elastane, spandex is classified as an elastomeric fiber, or a material that can stretch more than 500 percent without breaking. An added miracle of engineered super fibers is their ability to return to their original size when not in use.

Spandex, the symbol of stretch, took the world by storm as the clothing of choice for superheroes like Superman and Batman, but it was soon followed by our modern heroes and heroines: the athletes of today’s world. Swimmers, gymnasts and figure skaters wear spandex – even our cricketers wear spandex on the field.

Advantages of spandex

In addition to spandex’s ability to stretch and return to its original shape

• Very easy

• Lightweight and versatile

• Resistant to body oil or sweat

• Scratch resistant

• Home and static free

Miracle Microfiber

Another surprising material is microfiber, a synthetic material made from fibers (a unit of measurement for the linear mass density of fibers) of 1 or less. It is usually made of polyester, nylon or both and is a very popular alternative to cotton.

This material was great in the 90s, if its biggest asset was its wicking ability, or its ability to easily wick moisture away from the surface of the fabric. Other important benefits of microfiber cloths are:

• Keeps athletes cool and dry and reduces skin irritation

Excellent heat retention properties when wet

• Holds 7 times its weight in moisture.

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