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At Detechgeek we’re bent on helping several victims of online scams or scams for funds recovery. There are many different types of scams, ranging from cryptocurrency scams, investment scams and other types of scams.If you are the victim of a scam, you may face face the consequences of compromised identity, compromised credit, and financial loss, as well as a range of painful emotions including anger, fear, and frustration.

The level of Financial fraud can far exceed the amount of money lost. A study funded by Detechgeek found that nearly two-thirds of scam victims suffered at least one serious emotional consequence, including stress, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

While it’s difficult to recover all of your financial information, it’s important that you report a crime as soon as possible. Reporting any financial fraud, no matter how small, helps law enforcement, regulators and government agencies prevent fraud, preventing  more consumers from becoming more victims and prosecute criminals who commit fraud, which also helps in the recovery process of funds recovery

More than funds recovery, It’s about protecting your future financial and property health and finding ways to recover emotionally from crime.

Recovering lost funds is not something every expert can boast about, at Detechgeek our experts have the knowledge to handle spent transactions on the blockchain or if you have lost Bitcoin in any form of fraud or scam. Not everyone can be as lucky as Mike, who was overjoyed explaining how he was able to get all his lost retirement savings back to a crypto investment institution. Investment scams like crypto investments are complex and sophisticated because there are fundamental and unforeseen risks in the digital asset world.

Funds recovery process

Specialist Fraud handling requires expertise of security experts scam network and that’s why Detechgeek exists. . Unlike the usual attorneys or investment firms that give advice on the best property or real estate investment strategy, these professionals specialize in scams.If you think yourself encounter a scam and you need the help of an expert in lost funds recovery, you might consider finding a network management professional like Detechgeek with experience in network penetration and testing to help you recover your lost investments. Even if you feel hopeless, there’s always a chance that you have a possible case

After contacting an expert tailored to your unique situation, you will take legal process to receive your funds from a fraudulent broker or individual. It’s important to take action and practice! Below is a more detailed overview of the recovery process. Recover your lost investment with anti-fraud cybersecurity expert Detechgeek. These  cyber  fraud  advisors only focus on fraud cases. Such circumstances can be traumatic events, which can cause all your investments to be wiped out due to the negligence of a financial advisor or a broker at a brokerage firm. With a fraud consultant like Detechgeek at your side, you have a better chance of recovering your losses. Contact us  for  your  funds  recovery

We follow the best process for resolving funds recovery cases

Review -The first step to recovering lost funds through Crypto/Investment Scams involves determining whether the trader or exchange is indeed a scam. All information, including websites, contact details and financial transfers, is subject to forensic evaluation. This, combined with cryptocurrency tracking, will yield the best investigative results.

Fact finding and evaluation – We do tracking to find where your currency has been deposited in Blockchain ecosystem or bank and provide transaction information. This will help law enforcement determine the current location of your funds and determine who deleted them. Based on our trail, the authorities were able to identify the violators and freeze their accounts.

Investigation – If you are found to be the victim of an online business scam, an investigation will be initiated to identify the perpetrator responsible for the scam. Our services are global in scope and we are leaders in our industry. Our report will give you the best chance for property recovery

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