KPL Schedule 2022- Kasmir Premier League

There is a new league that comes on the screen which is the Kashmir premier league that will host in Pakistan. KPL schedule 2022 is released by PCB and the first match will start on 6th August.

6 teams will participate in this event and this league is held in Muzaffarabad Kashmir.

KPL 2022 teams:

  • Kotli Lions
  • Rawalakot Hawks
  • Mirpur Royals
  • Muzaffarabad Tigers
  • Overseas Warriors
  • Bagh Stallions

KPL 2022 Schedule – Kashmir Premier League

Mirpur Royals vs Rawalakot HawksAugust 6, Friday08:30 PM
Bagh Stallions vs Kotli LionsAugust 7, Saturday02:00 PM
Overseas Warriors vs Muzaffarabad Tigers August 7, Saturday 07:30 PM
Mirpur Royals vs Bagh StallionsAugust 8, Sunday 02:00 PM
Rawalakot Hawks vs Kotli Lions August 8, Sunday 07:30 PM
Overseas Warriors vs Mirpur RoyalsAugust 9, Monday 02:00 PM
Rawalakot Hawks vs Muzaffarabad Tigers August 9, Monday 07:30 PM
Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Kotli LionsAugust 10, Tuesday 02:00 PM
Bagh Stallions vs Overseas Warriors August 10, Tuesday 07:30 PM
Rawalakot Hawks vs Bagh StallionsAugust 11, Wednesday 02:00 PM
Kotli Lions vs Mirpur Royals August 11, Wednesday 07:30 PM
Bagh Stallions vs Muzaffarabad Stallions August 12, Thursday10:00 AM
Rawalakot Hawks vs Overseas Warriors August 12, Thursday 03:30 PM
Overseas Warriors vs Kotli LionsAugust 13, Friday 02:00 PM
 Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Mirpur Royals  August 13, Friday 07:30 PM
Team 1 vs Team 2August 14, Saturday 04:00 PM
Team 3 vs Team 4 August 15, Sunday 04:00 PM
Qualifier runners-up vs Winners of Eliminator 1August 16, Monday 04:00 PM
Winner of Qualifier 1 vs Winner of Eliminator 2August 17, Tuesday 04:00 PM

So this was the complete Schedule of KPL which is starts from today. Also, if you want to check more news about cricket then subscribe to our notification to get the latest news updates.

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