How to Incorporate Saloon Doors in Your Home


When you step into your home, what kind of experience do you want? Do you want to experience an old-western feel? Saloon doors are a great way to give your home that feeling while creating a unique and more immersive experience within your space.

You might have a sitting room or living room design to which you want to give some character. You could also have a more traditional entryway you want to turn into something fun and unique.

Saloon doors can set the tone for various home experiences, and we’re here to tell you how and why. Please keep reading to learn everything you need to know about it.

Incorporating Rustic Door 

If you’re looking to incorporate rustic, barn-style saloon doors are a great choice. They are versatile and eye-catching pieces of home decor. They can be space dividers or to create privacy in areas like bedrooms and bathrooms.

Start by measuring the opening you would like to install it in. Then, choose the door size that fits best. You can customize the variety of wood and finish to find the right door that complements your home’s decor.

Once you have the doors of your choice, they can be hung on a preexisting interior door frame using appropriate screws and hinges. It can add a unique beauty and a bit of drama to your living space and functional privacy.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Installing One

You will need a door, hinges, and a 2″ drill bit for the hinge screws. You can view these spring hinges at Swinging Café Doors, for it is essential to use the right one for your project. 

With the correct supplies, you will begin by measuring and cutting the boards to fit the door frame. Next, you will attach the hinges to the door frame, set it onto the saloon door, and attach the entrance to the structure using the drill bit. 

Once you have finished the installation, you will want to add a lock mechanism to keep the door securely closed. To finalize the look, you can add furniture, décor, and accessories to the space around the door.

Unique Locations to Install It

Saloon doors are perfect for interior spaces, including kitchens, living rooms, restrooms, and mud rooms. Consider mounting them along the edges of an open archway, between two rooms, on a patio, or in a windowless hallway. 

With a few basic supplies, you can map out a unique location to hang them. 

Spice Up Your Interior With Saloon Doors 

Installing saloon doors in your home adds a unique touch of the wild west to any space. They are both functional and stylish and are sure to be conversation starters. Investing in one can be a great way to complete the look of any room.

They’re easy to install, fit in with any decor, and can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Don’t hesitate! Install different saloon door styles in your home today!

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