This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is How-Can-You-Improve-Your-Skills-With-a-BA-Program-01-1024x576.jpgPassionately stepping in for an art course and establishing a successful career in the chosen arts field requires a lot of hard work and smart work. In addition, a range of skills is required to shine your profile in the arts field.

Pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with any specialisation itself will not be sufficient to have a strong career, instead, steps have to be taken to upgrade your BA degree with other skills as well. Certain top colleges like Mansarovar Global University, one of the best BA colleges in Bhopal, and others offer remarkable BA courses that enhance your skills.

This article will provide insight into the skills that have to be developed alongside a BA degree and how to do it.

Glimpse into the course, Bachelor of Arts:

Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate course that is provided in various disciplines such as languages, economics, politics, sociology, etc. This course is offered in many top universities such as Mansarovar Global University, one of the top universities in MP.

Here are the course details of BA in top BA colleges in Bhopal and other places:


Course BA
Full Form Bachelor of Arts
Course Description BA course deals with imparting theory, concepts, and knowledge in the chosen stream.


This course prepares the students with a proper knowledge base in a particular stream thus making them eligible for a standard career in the chosen field.

Level Undergraduate level
Duration 3 years
Eligibility Criteria The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in notable colleges like Mansarovar Global University, one of the leading BA colleges in Bhopal, and others are as follows:


●       Candidates should be a minimum of 17 years of age.

●       Candidates should have completed 10+2 or equivalent from any recognized educational institution with at least a 50% aggregate score.


A relaxation of 5% is provided to students belonging to reserved categories such as SC/ST/OBC.

Admission Procedure Admission to BA is either merit-based or entrance-based depending on the college.


Certain colleges and universities like MGU, one of the best arts colleges in Bhopal provide merit-based admissions considering 10+2 scores while certain colleges consider entrance exams such as CUET, IPU CET, NPAT, etc.

Average Course Fee INR 10,000 to INR 1 LPA

Top colleges to pursue Bachelor of Arts degree:

As many students of the current generation are daring and stepping in for a Bachelor of Arts degree, many top colleges such as Mansarovar Global University, one of the remarkable BA and MA colleges in Bhopal, and many others are established in India.

Here are the top colleges to pursue BA:


Top BA Colleges Average Fee
Mansarovar Global University INR 25,000
Lady Shri Ram College for Women INR 15,870
Loyola College, Chennai INR 11,900
Presidency College, Chennai INR 1,250
Hindu College, New Delhi INR 17,560
Delhi College of Arts and Commerce INR 10,155

Ways to improve your skills with a BA program:

There are enormous job opportunities in the arts field and finding a way to those jobs requires a lot of skills. Here are the ways to improve your skills with a BA program while studying in top colleges like Mansarovar Global University, one of the best arts colleges in Bhopal and others:

Strengthen your core skills:

Based on the chosen discipline in your BA degree, the core knowledge is different.

Though the course curriculum is usually designed with a latch to the core, you must take up steps to strengthen your core skills.

Some of the possible ways to strengthen core skills are as follows:

  • Study and analyse loads of your field-oriented books from libraries.
  • Try knowing the technical terms that are specific to your field of study.
  • Read lots of research papers and articles related to your chosen arts discipline.
  • Step ahead to write a review for research papers in your field which in turn will enhance the understanding.

Develop your career skills:

Career skills are skills that are necessary for establishing a career in general.

Generally, career skills include two sets of skills namely, communication skills and managerial skills.


Communication Skills Managerial Skills
●       Reading skills.

●       Technical Writing skills.

●       Speaking skills.

●       Conveying skills

●       Negotiating skills

●       Interpersonal Communication skills


●       Problem-solving skills

●       Decision-making skills

●       Analytical Thinking skills

●       Critical Thinking skills

●       Time Management skills

●       Leadership skills

●       Team playing skills

●       Creativity

●       Emotional Intelligence

Here are some of the ways to develop the above-mentioned career skills:

  • Participate in various events that are conducted in the colleges.
  • Take leadership and organise events that will help develop leadership skills and communication skills with team members.
  • Seek feedback from your co-students and incorporate them into your attempt to develop career skills.

Give a hand for extra-curricular skills:

There might be a question, “What is necessary to give a hand for extracurricular skills?”

As in the case of arts fields, extracurricular skills such as dancing or painting, etc have a lot of value and can be added to a resume.

Improving all these skills will be a boon at the time of career hunt after any arts degree in top colleges like Mansarovar Global University, one of the top MA Psychology colleges in Bhopal.


Taking up an arts degree requires a passion. A passion supported by proper education will surely lead to a prosperous career in the future. Studying for any BA degree at top BA colleges in Bhopal and other places will open doors to a bright future if you develop the proper skills.


  • Which BA subject is the best?

There is no common best subject in BA. Based on the individual’s interest, the best BA subject keeps changing.


  • What are the top 5 BA degrees?

The top 5 BA degrees are as follows:

  • BA Economics
  • BA Sociology
  • BA Political Science
  • BA Public Administration
  • BA History


  • Which is the best 12th stream to pursue BA?

The arts stream is considered the best 12th stream to pursue BA as it offers a basic idea. But all stream students can pursue BA based on their interests.

  • Can BA graduates pursue MBA?

Yes, BA graduates can pursue MBA by appearing for entrance exams like CAT, GMAT, SAT, etc.


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