How Can You Check If Someone Is Not Building Or Redirecting A Low-Quality Backlink To Your Site?

Low-Quality Backlink To Your Site

Links can impact your search performance adversely, either in a good or bad way. Therefore, you should prepare for the potential consequences regardless of your link-building technique. In link building, you can use a white hat and black hat techniques suitable for your needs. 

As long as you access the good links, it will impact your search performance positively. On the other hand, the bad links will harm your site and minimize your ranking position. Apart from that, you will get penalties from the search engines such as Google. It ruins the reputation and trustworthiness of the site heavily. 

Remember that search engines are more concerned about user intent. Unlike before, search engines especially prefer the links earned links over built links with its recent update. So, you should understand the importance of backlinks in ranking your page in SERPs. 

Currently, SEO specialists and site owners confront the issue of how to check whether someone is building or redirecting low-quality links to your site. If you are among them, read the following section with enough attention. It clarifies all your doubts and helps you understand how to check the low-quality links on your site.

How To Check The Low-Quality Backlinks

  • Use Google Webmaster Tools

One of the best and easiest ways to find whether is building or redirecting low-quality links to your site is by accessing the Google webmaster tools. Since the tools are free to access, you do not worry about using them. In addition, Google often reports the top 1000 domains, which link to pages on your website. 

Here, links indicate the total number of links that the domain has developed pointing to any page of your website. Thus, the domain may link to 10 pages on your website, but those links are on each page of their website. It is possible to download the Google webmaster tools link domain report anytime. 

It showcases a large sample of the exact pages linking to your website. In that case, you will easily detect the sites redirecting or building low-quality links to your site. Keep in mind that many links and linked pages tell that the domain is a poor-quality website.

  • Perform Manual Quality Review

Once you find that your site has high numbers in the Google webmaster tools report, you should check manually to determine whether it is a bad quality site and send low-quality links your way. If you fail to perform the manual quality review, your site will hurt a lot. SEO specialists often use the following quality signs to review link quality manually.

  • Check the trustworthiness of the site from which you get the links. If you do not have the confidence to visit the site again and recommend it to your friends, it is low-quality and needs to be ignored quickly.
  • Ensure the source of the site is unique and relevant. The linking page should not pull content from other sites. Scrapping the content from other sites either with or without the link back to the source site indicates low quality.
  • Utilize Searchmetrics to get social and search visibility, competitors, rankings, and other information. It is a free tool and comes with the subscription option to get more features. Use the tool to get the best result from the manual review.
    • Never bother about clicking around the website to review multiple pages because quality must remain on the whole site. 

How To Remove Bad And Low-Quality Backlinks

The steps for a clean and better website are simple. Here are the major steps to follow to remove low-quality and bad backlinks.

  • At first, you should identify the most damaging and bag referring domains linking to your sites. 
  • Then, search for the contact details of the site you have the link on. 
  • Contact the webmaster and ask to remove the link quickly. If you do not get a response within two weeks, you can go to the next step.
  • Finally, you should disavow the bad links and upload the file to the search engine. 

Checking for low-quality backlinks consumes more time and effort, and you are unable to spend time on other SEO aspects to take your site to the top position in SERP. However, you can speak with our digital marketing manager, Naveen, regarding it. JDM Web Technologies is the leading digital marketing firm offering various services for clients at a budget-friendly rate.

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