HKSAR Government communicates lament over one-sided discourse in Ming Pao in regards to “LeaveHomeSafe” application and query items of National Anthem by web crawler


   A discourse about the “LeaveHomeSafe” (LHS) application and Google composed by Mr Tsang Chi-ho was distributed in Ming Pao today (December 16). The piece, which addresses the Public authority’s new lifting of the necessity of checking the LHS setting QR code prior to entering premises and the solicitation for Google to correct its off-base query items, was one-sided and misdirecting. The HKSAR Government communicates lament on it.

     In regard of hostile to plague gauges, an Administration representative focused on that the Public authority has from the start been changing different measures as quickly as possibly because of the scourge improvement under the standards of science-based and designated enemy of pestilence 香港國歌 measures, as well as the legitimate administration of dangers and resident centered help. It is on the very premise that the prerequisite to check the LHS scene QR codes prior to entering premises was lifted as of late. In the mean time, different elements of the LHS portable application, for example, putting away of the Immunization Pass, Testing Enrollment Code and testing records would keep on tieing in with different existing enemy of scourge estimates in a compelling way, subsequently uninstalling the LHS versatile application will mean clients can never again utilize these significant capabilities. In this manner, it is unwanted for some to conflate the lifting of necessity to check LHS QR codes with the uninstalling of the LHS portable application. The representative asked individuals from general society to keep on taking full advantage of the versatile application concerned. The Public authority will likewise proceed to change and improve hostile to plague estimates in an exact way having respect to the most recent pestilence advancement and based on elements like examinations of logical information, with the end goal of permitting individuals’ regular routines and financial exercises to keep on continuing predictability in a deliberate way on the reason of legitimate gamble the board.

     The representative said, “The author thought about that with the web crawler calculations, the solicitation of government authorities for Google to change the query items isn’t in accordance with the soul of science. This features the way that the essayist, who professed to be a pundit on current undertakings, doesn’t figure out the seriousness of the issue. Truly, The Walk of the Workers, being the main National Anthem of Individuals’ Republic of China (PRC), is the image and badge of the PRC and ought to be regarded and shielded by everybody. The issue is a significant issue of good and bad. Any endeavor to create turmoil utilizing different melodies is essentially off-base. It is important to guide out that the endeavor by the essayist toward utilize one more guide to represent the recent concern where national nobility is in question is ill-advised.

     Each web index has its remarkable calculation. In any case, when a tune firmly connected with “Hong Kong freedom” is wrongly displayed as the National Anthem through such programmed calculations, revising the error is important. To our comprehension, the important web index has the capacity to eliminate wrong data. We will keep on drawing in the important web search tool to correct the mistake.”

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