Explore Astrological Perks of Amethyst And Larimar Gemstone


If you are a jewelry lover, every time you wear a gemstone ornament, it makes you look gorgeous and feel confident. Style captivating and glossy  Amethyst Jewelry for a stunning look. 

The purple color Amethyst is a February birthstone. This classy sparkling colorful stone is famous for its exclusive color, fine clarity, and cuts. It’s a semi-precious gemstone that hails from the mineral Quartz family with in-depth relativity to Vedic Astrology. 

Since the ancient era, people have firmly believed in astrology, planetary movements, and their effect on respective zodiac signs. Therefore, every individual wants to reduce the complexities of life by knowing relevant astrological logic to cope with them to some extent. 

Many beautiful gems like Opal and Moonstone also have healing and astrological benefits. People born in October must wear radiant and colorful Opal Jewelry as their birthstone. Magnetic play of color and rainbow light reflection makes Opal a damn alluring gem. 

Its governed by the planet Venus which is responsible for financial prosperity, physical well-being, and good social status. Ones with zodiac signs like Capricorn, Aquarius, and Gemini must wear an Opal gem. 

Brief About February Birthstone

According to the belief of professional astrologers, the valuable purple color gem offers protection from all sorts of evil. You will be amazed to know some terrific benefits of styling February birthstone, and they are as follows: 

  • The word Amethyst got derived from the Greek word Ametusthos. It means non-intoxicating. European soldiers who belonged to medieval times and even old age Greeks believed that purple stone shielded them from alcohol obsession.  
  • The governing planet of February birthstone is Jupiter. It depicts intelligence and knowledge. Jupiter also provides the natives with proficiency in spirituality. Therefore as per belief, a person who wears a Moldavite Jewelry gets spiritually enlightened. 
  • Get upliftment in your professional career. Using a purple color gem saves you from negative energies and emotional stability with an enhancement of your creative side. 

Importance of Larimar Gemstone 

Larimar is a rare sea blue color stone having a pattern that looks like ocean waves. Wear Larimar Ring to relax your inner emotions, thoughts, body, and spirit. One can find the sea stone deep underground in the Dominican Republic.

The Larimar gem has the balanced energy of both fire and water. Therefore, another name for this colorful stone is the Atlantis Stone. A famous clairvoyant named Edgar Cayce declared that the Dominican Republic was part of Atlantis.  

A lost civilization gained the limelight for having a blue crystal with outstanding healing qualities. The Sea stone is the gem of clear communication. The Atlantis stone also clears the upper Chakras and eradicates anxiety-promoting thoughts.

Zodiac Features of Sea Stone

Larimar is too fresh to get the consideration of a traditional birthstone. Its energy resounds with people born during winter end and during the first leap of the spring.

It’s precisely suitable for those born in February and March. This time of the season witnesses it is shedding off the winter darkness and welcoming the commitment of spring. The ice starts to melt during this time, and water flows clearly.

People who have Leo as their zodiac sign can wear Larimar Jewelry. Leos are like fire and are born when the sunlight is at its peak. Larimar is a watery balancing stone, so it quickly soothes down the more extreme elements of the Leo and brings them back to balance and well-being.

Astrological Qualities of Amethyst Gemstone

Amethyst is an ideal gemstone for one having Pisces zodiac sign. Wearing this as an ornament, one can achieve a financial boost and have expressive romantic relationships.

Get relief from many physical problems like headaches, depression, grief, despair, and insomnia. Moonstone Jewelry is perfect for the ones having zodiac signs such as Cancer and Scorpio. The Moonstone gets ruled by the Moon and looks charming due to the reflection of blue-white light resembling the actual Moon.

Amethyst or purple gem gets recognition as a lover’s gem as it symbolizes true love and honesty. You can also gift it on your 4th and 6th anniversary for better marital relationships.

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