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Today, social media has become an important aspect in most organization’s recruitment processes. Many employers take advantage of social media to find the best fit candidates for their jobs. This approach of recruiting new employees is very effective but comes with tons of risks. To avoid these risks, you need to use a suitable tool, such as a social media screener, to further screen candidates before selecting the best fits.

  • What exactly are the risks associated with hiring on social media?
  • What exactly are social media screeners?
  • How exactly can these screening tools help you to prevent hiring risks?

Keep reading to find all you should know about these aforementioned social media-related questions.

Risks associated with hiring on social media

Using social media in your hiring process is certainly worth it. But you need to understand that you’ll only get the results you desire if you carry out the hiring process the right way.

Today, there are several different risks associated with hiring via social media:

  • First, using just social media profiles is not enough to understand a candidate’s values, interests, skills, and qualifications.
  • The candidate may even exaggerate their qualifications and add inaccurate information on their social media accounts
  • Your company’s reputation is on the line if you end up hiring the wrong person or your hiring process is perceived as discriminatory or biased.
  • Lastly, social media recruitment also comes with legal issues, especially if the hiring decision is perceived as discriminatory.

What exactly are social media screeners?

Social media screeners (or screening tools) are very effective for carrying out background screening on candidates. These tools can provide you with accurate information regarding a candidate’s past and current work history, education history, crime records, and many more. With this information, employers can make smart decisions regarding whether or not to hire the candidates.

As you’ve read earlier, social media recruiting processes come with tons of risks. To avoid these risks, employers need to be sure they’re carrying out their recruitment process, accordingly. One effective tool that helps them in this type of situation is social media screener.

Here are a few benefits associated with the use of social media screening tools

Social Profiler is currently one of the platforms you can rely on if you’re interested in a very effective social media screener. Social Profiler’s screener can assist you to identify certain red flags in your recruitment process. This screening tool can also help you find employees with similar values and interests as those of your organization.

Below are two ways Social Profiler’s screener can assist you today:

1.   To identify red flags

The best social media screeners can help you identify several different red flags in candidates, including the following:

  • Social Profiler’s screening tool can help you identify a candidate’s Illegal or unethical activities, which could impact your company’s reputation.
  • These tools will also help you to identify explicit or inappropriate images on the candidate’s social media accounts.
  • The best social media screeners can also assist you in identifying a candidate’s negative statements about religions, gender, race.
  • You can also use these screeners to identify the candidate’s complaints about his past supervisors or colleagues.

With these red flags, you can easily see reasons why a candidate is not a good fit for your company.

2.   To identify the the best candidates for the job

In addition to qualifications and certifications, the best candidates for your job must have similar values, interests that along with your company’s culture and values. With a reliable social media screening tool, you can easily identify:

  • Candidates that have strong interests in working for your company.
  • Potential employees with personality that fits your company’s culture.

Need help finding a suitable screening tool today? If yes, you can try this Social Profiler social media screener.

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