Steve Harvey is an American television host, producer, actor, and comedian born on January 17, 1957. He hosts the following shows;

  • The Steve Harvey Morning Show
  • The Family Feud
  • The Celebrity Family Feud
  • The Miss Universe competition
  • Family Feud Africa
  • The arbitration-based court comedy Judge Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey began his career as a comedian; where he performed standup comedy and hosted Showtime at the Apollo and the Steve Harvey show on the WB, which made him gain immense popularity. His last standup show was in 2012. He won the Daytime Emmy Award seven times, the Marconi award two times and the NAACP Image award 14 times. He is the reason behind the success of many shows like little big shots. He authored books like act like a lady, think like a man. He used to sport a nice haircut in his early days but now appears with a shaved and shiny head.

A toupee is a partial wig of natural or synthetic hair worn to cover baldness and sometimes worn for theatrical purposes. Toupees are also referred to as hair pieces and are typically associated with male wearers. However, some women also use them to lengthen their existing hair or cover their partially exposed scalp. Some toupees are designed to make the young look old, while others are designed to make the old look young. The majorly known examples of toupee are; ultra-thin skin toupee, which is the best and most natural solution for thinning hair, mono lace front durable toupee used in the hairline and others.

Does Steve Harvey go bald?

Steve Harvey’s baldness is not a secret to anyone. He was about to hit fifty when he started experiencing hair fall and receding hairline. Initially, he was very uncomfortable with his bald look and tried to fix it by using various means and doing all it took to grow natural hair, but it did not work. Steve used an afro wig for a long time, trimming it neatly and giving him a great look. This wig was so effective and fashionable.

Steve Harvey’s baldness was revealed in one of the games of the NBA All-star. It was noted that he was wearing a toupee that he kept fixing in the washrooms. After this, it didn’t last long before Steve Harvey shaved his head. He also kept a horseshoe moustache that people didn’t notice because of his hairstyle, but after getting his head shaved, the moustache complimented the bald look more. Steve Harvey, however, does not attempt to conceal his baldness to anyone.

Steve Harvey with hair

At his young age, Steve Harvey had a high-top fade hairstyle with long curly on the top that gave him great versatility. He wore many wigs to get the desired look and hairstyle, including; the hi-top wig, the afro-textured wig, and the s-curve wig that complemented well with his masculine figure. His hairpiece was unique and stylish; with it, he could make radical changes to his mane and successfully conceal the defect of his baldness.

At the beginning of his career, Steve Harvey had an afro-textured hairstyle with a well-maintained hairline and neat corners. He had different hairstyles that covered his scalp like a rug, and that’s when people realized that his haircut was not genuine and he was hiding his bald patches with s curls toupee. This shows that Steve Harvey was embarrassed that he was losing his hair and becoming bald. He finally embraced his changes, shaved his head and rocked the iconic shiny head. Steve Harvey also encouraged his supporters to their baldness and feels good about themselves without the use of synthetic hair.

Where to get Steve Harvey wig

Steve Harvey used various wigs; the hi-top, the afro-textured, the s curve and many more. He has many fans, most of whom idolize him and wish to keep his hairstyle. Here are the details of where one can get Steve Harvey’s toupee.

Bono’s hair is the popular wholesale where one can get all kinds of Steve Harvey wigs. The Bono hair whole sellers provide the best wig and hairpieces and circulate them to vendors and salons worldwide. They are believed to have premium quality products and to sell human hair. They offer many hairstyles designed to make the distributors look great. The Bono Hair gives hair units such as;

  • Q6 Afro hairpiece that is specifically designed to have Afro-American hair texture. It covers the full scalp.
  • PU Afro skin toupee- this is Steve Harvey’s wig when he noticed his hair thinning and baldness. He also rocked with it in his career.
  • FM Afro hair unit that is designed specifically for afro American men. It is best to cover the hair patches for those experiencing hair loss.
  • BH6D Men’s afro wig is a black man’s hairpiece recommended for those experiencing balding and thinning.


Steve Harvey started becoming bald while approaching his fifties, he used several toupees to hide his baldness, including the afro-textured wig and his fans and other people realized this in an event where he kept going to the washrooms to adjust his toupee. He acquired a desired look and hairstyle with his wig; many fans idolized him and wished to keep the same hair as his. Steve Harvey, however, learnt to accept his baldness, shaved his head and rocked the iconic shiny head. He still looks phenomenal, just as before. Steve Harvey’s wig can be found at the Bono hair wholesale, which provides the best wig and hairpieces worldwide.

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