Choose The Best Calgary Optometrist for Vision Therapy


You might have heard about vision therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to improve your visual abilities. It uses a wide range of ways like patching, testing, and eye exercises. To get this therapy and the best outcome, you should look for the best Calgary Optometrist if you are from Calgary. 

Conditions Treatment by Vision Therapy

Before you start looking for an optometrist, you should first understand what kind of conditions can be treated by this therapy. It offers targeted solutions for improving the quality of your life and also your sports performance:

  • Visual processing disorder
  • Insufficiency of convergence
  • Strabismus, which is turned or crossed eyes
  • Amblyopia or lazy eye
  • Learning disorder otherwise called Dyslexia
  • Motion sickness
  • Post-concussion symptoms
  • Hardships in focusing and tracking

When you rely on the best optometrist, he/she will devise personalized treatment plans. In turn, you can tackle different visual challenges with the best vision therapy.

Frequency of Vision Therapy Sessions

The frequency of the sessions in this therapy relies on individual treatment plans and needs. After evaluating your vision, your optometrist will suggest a fitting schedule for you. In turn, your vision challenges can be effectively addressed.

Treatments offered under Vision Therapy

You might wonder what kind of treatment is offered by vision therapy. When you are recommended to take this therapy, you will be engaged by your optometrist’s office in different exercises and activities. These activities are designed to strengthen your eye-brain connections and improve your visual skills. Some of these activities might involve using computer-based programs and specialized devices.

Insurance Coverage 

Insurance coverage for vision therapy differs among providers. As it varies from one insurance provider to another, you can check with your insurance provider to gather coverage information.

Suitability of Vision Therapy

This therapy is suitable for different age groups. Right from young children to elders, this therapy can help address different vision issues.

The good thing about vision therapy is that it is an effective, drug-free, and safe therapy not only for adults but also for kids. It is estimated that 1 in every 10 kids have vision issues. Some of these issues are severe enough to affect their learning skills at school. You might wonder why vision screenings are done regularly in schools. Unfortunately, these screenings can miss up to half of these vision issues in kids. This is where a comprehensive vision exam becomes important. A development optometrist can check different aspects of visual skills, vision, and eye health. 

This optometrist can ensure that you or your kid does not struggle unnecessarily with a vision problem that stays undiagnosed.

In short, when you choose the best optometrist, you can get the best outcome from vision therapy. Make sure to choose an experienced optometrist’s office. You can get the best care and the right diagnosis combined with the best treatment to improve your vision extensively.

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