Brighten Up! How to Coordinate Your Kitchen with White Cabinets


White cabinets are a classic option for kitchen design and are very popular. They not only increase the size of a small kitchen and brighten any room, but they can also give a larger kitchen a more unified appearance. White cabinetry adds a sophisticated dimension to your new or remodeled kitchen project. It is cheerful and upbeat. White in the kitchen is a favorite of creative designers because it gives small touches of creativity a chance to shine.

The question is, how do you match them up with the rest of your kitchen? Here are a few simple tips.

Pros and Cons 

White cabinets have the advantage of making even the smallest spaces feel larger and more open. Regardless of your preferred style or trend, let’s not forget the clean, classic look. When combined with the ideal countertop, backsplash, and flooring, white cabinets can serve as a unified, polished anchor in small to large kitchen spaces.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to a kitchen that is predominantly white that should be taken into account. Working with professionals of kitchen remodeling in Austin, TX, or wherever you are, is a great idea because, for example, a white-washed kitchen might come off as cold, harsh, or just unwelcoming! Invest in quality custom craftsmanship made by professionals in this field. Such kitchen cabinets come with a lot of options to pick from. Their extensive selection of custom cabinetry options gives you limitless flexibility in terms of door styles, wood species, paint or stain choices, etc. 

Don’t forget to incorporate your lifestyle into the design process as well. For the clumsy home cook, white cabinets might not be the best option. The same applies if having a kitchen that requires little maintenance is a top priority, as spills, drips, or an occasional spritz of cola, tomato sauce, or yellow mustard may eventually stain or change the color of white cabinetry.

Layers of shades of white

Mixing whites will help you look less sterile. The room might look flat if only one color is used. Instead, pick three or four different shades of white and apply them to various surfaces throughout the kitchen. This will give the room depth and interest throughout.

Avoid blending warm and cool whites when bringing in various shades of white. Cool tones appear bluer, while warm tones appear more yellow. The majority of paint retailers will display their warm and cool whites separately, making it easier for you to locate whites that belong to the same category.

Pick the appropriate color of paint

When choosing a paint color for your walls, white cabinets will reflect light and may appear brighter than other colors. For walls next to white cabinets, light blues, greens, and grays are all excellent choices.

With dark accents, you can also add contrast. Along with having light colors in the kitchen to go with the white cabinets, contrast should also be added. Dark accents can help the room feel more interesting and deep. Examples include black cabinet hardware or a black granite countertop.

Make Use of Natural Lighting

A white kitchen benefits greatly from natural light from windows or skylights because it enhances the light and airy atmosphere you were going for in the first place.

The large set of windows above the sink allows plenty of light to filter in throughout the day, which is why this white kitchen gets better. Glass fronts on the upper cabinets magnify the light. This design element makes use of all that light by reflecting it throughout the area and into nearby rooms.

Tip: Window coverings in adjacent rooms can also make a difference. Use shades that can be fully raised during the day if you want to. Even more natural light will enter your kitchen as a result of this.


Use counters with light colors. Another key component of the kitchen that can work with white cabinets is the countertops. Light-colored countertops made of marble, quartz, or laminate will help to make the room appear bigger and more coordinated.

The use of complementary textures is another option. When choosing kitchen accessories, try to use textures that go well together. A difference can also be made by joining rooms. Use shades that can be fully raised during the day if you want to. Even more natural light will enter your kitchen as a result of this.

White kitchen cabinets are simple to maintain, making them ideal for families with active children. They’re a great option if you want to modernize your house.

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